No. Not at the moment, don't have a nerve to do it.

But almost 90% of travel bloggers around the world already tried solo traveling and their sharing of taking a solo trip sounds fascinating and exciting but at the moment, I don't entertain this kind of adventure, it's pretty scary and terrifying, my greatest fear is that I might end up a victim of gang rape or torture or something that will drive me nuts in an unknown place.
I'd done quite a number of solo poses but not solo trips :-D

Though I am a classic adventurer when it comes to traveling, that is, I am not afraid to visit a place for the first time, walk around, discover the environment, explore the area and see where my courage and independence would take me by not asking directions from the locals, I always do it with a travel companion, never with myself alone.

But solo travelers never think this way, they always believe that embarking into a solo trip is the ultimate definition of one's freedom. According to them, it allows you to get the most of your trip doing things you are not used to, like talking to strangers, be uncomfortable with the surroundings, eat unfamiliar foods, discovering your unique strength and a chance to come out with your inner self.

Sounds interesting, but still I don't have the courage to do it, not for the next couple of years. For me, if ever there's anything exciting about traveling to a new place, it's taking an escape with a friend. It's absolutely terrific to share bloopers and discoveries with someone I already knew than share a conversation with a complete stranger. It's kinda uncomfortable and ridiculous. I still prefer to travel with someone, with anyone whom I am familiar and comfortable with.

In my whole existence since earning a college degree and having a job, I lived my life alone and in most part, I stayed in a boarding house with no companion, so naturally, I am used of living alone, but not in travelling. I still won't buy the idea of hopping into a completely different place with just myself.

And so....
my loyal travel buddy, Rowie Tagaan

Since I'm a nervous freak girl when it comes to solo traveling, I would just like to have a travel buddy who can compensate my appetite in adventure. I have my best friend, Rowie Tagaan whom I shared a great inclination in traveling. We spent quite a number of travel escapades outside Metro Manila and the experience was really fun and memorable.

But I know this is just temporary, someday she will have her own life and might not be available anymore when I need someone to accompany me in my travel pursuits. And by that time maybe I would be forced to go solo. Or maybe I could spend it with someone who has the same appetite as mine in discovering and exploring things in a new environment.

To those who may want to try solo traveling as a tourist, here are tips I got from solo travel bloggers around the web:

  • Plan ahead. This includes doing research about the place, the tradition, culture, policies, checking affordable hotel accommodations, preparing a precise itinerary with details on expenses.
  • Pack Light. Do not carry more than two luggage. It's pretty difficult to travel alone with so many bags tuck in your arms.
  • Safety first. Always take precautionary measures. Be attentive and sensitive with the environment, never easily trust strangers and refrain from visiting remote areas.
  • Ensure your budget is comfortable enough to cover your expenses, remember you are travelling alone.
  • Always consider the cost of everything from airport transfer, taxi, entrance fees to amusement parks.
  • Always carry your identification, passport, company ID, government-issued ID wherever you go.
  • If it doesn't feel right then don't do it. Trust your instinct.
  • Be wary from asking bystanders about directions, information, try to look for someone who can be trusted like police officers.
  • Don't draw attention to yourself by wearing fancy clothes, jewelry.
  • Avoid appearing like a tourist and don't walk around holding a guide book or map as if you're lost and needed help, you'll become an easy target of crimes.
  • Check your map, know your destination and transportation schedules before leaving your hotel.
  • Stay in touch with friends and family through email, phone, etc. when you're in a different place, make sure they know your whereabouts and itinerary.
  • If you notice suspicious individuals following you, keep a good distance and make sure you are in the crowd.
  • Don't forget to pray, it's a great help!

Enjoy your solo travel!