Traveling! Others call it luxury, I call it life!

I take some pride in saying I am a budget traveler, I don't spend too much on my travel exploits, I usually prepare my itinerary around a specific budget and scout on deals.

My purpose of traveling is to see the world and discover what's on the other side of life and comes back with a wealth of experience and tell stories about the world as I see it.

Depends on your purpose of traveling, a local or foreign trip entails a lot of preparation especially on financial aspects. So a focus on where to get your budget for the travel is a must. I always come up with a travel plan several months ahead, figuring out where to escape, checking promo on airfares, scouting hotel accommodation deals then determine how much amount to set aside for this trip.

I love traveling because I consider it as an opportunity to widen my horizon and boost my learning. There's so much to learn while on a holiday.

While others indulge in luxury bags, shoes, watches, gadgets, I save money for my travel adventure. 

Here are some ideas how to become a budget traveler which you might want to consider too. But first I am warning you that a budget traveler's life never denotes luxury, you must learn how to sleep and get up like a backpacker. But the experience is really fun!
  • Check your schedule when will be the best time for you to travel
  • Save money, Open a separate bank account for your travel expenses.
  • Determine how much amount you would set aside from your income to deposit in your travel account
  • Deposit the amount in your travel account
  • Decide which country you would want to escape (your choice will depend on what type of traveler are you or what you will expect from your travel, are you a history and culture buff, a nature lover, or someone who prefers to explore the city delights of another country)
  • Check on airfare promo 
  • Scout for hotel accommodation deals, this aspect would depend also what type of accommodation you prefer. Are you comfortable with transient inns? This is a popular choice among budget travelers. Check special deals on hotels at AGODA site here 
  • Prepare your DIY travel itinerary. I always do this by checking details and information online first. For example if you are traveling to Singapore, check online sources, posts from other bloggers, with the most practical way to travel to this country. Compare info and decide.
  • Travel with just one pack bag and a sling bag where you would put your important documents, gadget and wallet. This is to avoid the additional cost for check-in bag if you are taking a foreign trip.
  • Avoid bringing too many outfit and other unnecessary stuff. As much as possible choose light outfit that would not occupy a large portion of your pack bag.
  • Bring biscuits or something to eat (and drinks if you are only taking a local trip) to spare yourself from buying expensive food on the road. Remember food and other goodies on the road is quite expensive.
  • Determine how much amount you would set aside as your pocket money. Again, try doing an online research first about your destination to get some idea on the cost of living, expenses on food, souvenirs, transportation, etcetera.
  • Create your itinerary around your budget to avoid getting overboard with your expenses.