The warm atmosphere of the Sunday afternoon slightly subsided when we crossed East avenue from Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center. We continued walking through the elliptical road down to the subway fronting the Quezon city hall to reach this beautiful public park, the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Reminders to travelers - be careful when crossing this road, this is one of the treacherous roads in Metro Manila due to several intersections. You don't need to cross the road when visiting Quezon Memorial Circle anyway because there's a subway for pedestrians that connects the line between the Quezon city hall and the Memorial Circle, This is located beside the entrance gate of the city hall.

The shrine monument dedicated to Philippine President, Manuel L. Quezon
this shrine also houses two historical museums
The promenade with the dancing fountain

The rays of the summer sun filtered through the branches of trees when we entered the park, spreading its prickly gleams to the environment which prompted us to walk back and forth, looking for a shed to rest on. The park was already filled with visitors so finding a place to relax was a bit difficult. Until we found a comfy area under the trees. Cool! We consumed the remaining food that we brought, had a little rest, then got up to move around and walked leisurely to the other side of the circle.

One of the scenic areas within the park featuring flags of other nations
A botanical garden within the park with grown vegetables and tropical plants

Quezon Memorial circle offers almost everything a person is looking for a public park. It has an area of urban farming where vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits are grown, this garden provides a scenic atmosphere, two amusement playground for adults and children with fun rides and sports adventure for adrenalin junkies like zip line and sky bike, a spacious ground for fitness enthusiasts with different types of workout equipment, food stalls, restaurants, souvenir's shops, flower's and botanical shops, venues for entertainment, a jogging track, a promenade with a dancing fountain, biking lane and electronic car rentals, museum and garden party venues, truly a premier public park in Metro Manila worth of a visit!

Quezon Memorial Park is also a national shrine, housing the remains of Philippine President, Manuel L. Quezon, it has two historical museums within the monument. This landmark is  located in front of Quezon city hall and can be reached by foot, passing through a subway.What made this public park very interesting is the diversities of fun, leisure and amusement it offers to visitors, there's also elements of nature present in the area for nature lover to enjoy the scenery.

One of my favorite areas in Quezon Memorial Circle is the Fitness ground
where modern fitness and workout facilities are installed and free to be used by the public
Modern fitness equipment
Each workout equipment has instructions and descriptions posted,
users will just read carefully how to use the equipment and what's the name of the workout

What’s inside the Park
  • Playground
  • Sprawling ground for dry picnic and sports activities
  • Amusement rides both for children and adrenaline junkies
  • Boating
  • Sky bike
  • Zip line
  • Promenade
  • Food stalls
  • Restaurants
  • Souvenir's shopping
  • Clothing bargains
  • Botanical shop
  • Jogging track/lane
  • Fitness ground with modern workout facilities/equipment
  • Park benches
  • Party venues
Getting There:

From EDSA, you may take a bus or FX going to SM Fairview, tell the driver to drop you off near Quezon City Hall or PhilCOA. Walk to the entrance gate of the city hall where staircase down to the subway for pedestrians is located, go downstairs and walk by foot, at the end of this line is the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Entrance Fee: Free but you have to pay for each ride at Circle of Fun and Circle of Joy amusement areas. Rates range from Php40.00 to Php100.00. Quezon Memorial Circle has food stalls and restaurants that offer mouth-watering and scrumptious meals, you have varied options along the food lane area.

My review for this park: Excellent! Truly, a must-visit park when you come to Metro Manila, don't miss this opportunity of experiencing the joy and fun and the soothing scenery of nature. Truly, relaxation at its best!