A gastronome solo adventure one weekend!

For months, my plan of going out alone to dine and write a consumer's review for the food travel category of this blog has to postpone several times. Until one weekend when I got an opportunity to give it a go.

While wandering at the central garden of Ayala Fairview Terraces (in front of SM Fairview), walking back and forth, checking every cafe and restaurant, I was in deep thoughts which one to choose and what to devour. Originally, I wanted to dine in a Japanese restaurant because of my craving for Maki, but none sounded convincing. It was a blazing afternoon and I felt like melting under the heat of the summer sun so having a bowl of my favorite Japanese ramen noodles was a crazy idea.

I made more pacing trips around the garden until I stopped in front of Caramia Gelateria. I peered at the interior of the cafe and saw the shelves packed with mouth-watering gelato ice cream and cream cakes. Since my throat was ready to burst with balminess, I decided to choose the place.

Caramia Gelateria at Ayala Fairview Terraces mall in Quezon City
Cozy interior of Caramia in Purple and Orange shades!

I love gelato ice cream because of its very smooth texture, creamy taste, soft and consistency, it does not easily melt unlike ice cream. While its texture remains soft and refine, the consistency of the cream is stable which made this Italian cooler ultra-luscious and satisfying. 

For people who have no idea what's this gelato thing. It's an original Italian ice cream creation, although it's part of the ice cream family, gelato is distinctively creamier, more sturdy and insanely scrumptious! There's really a unique spike of taste that separates gelato from ordinary ice cream.

Gelato ice cream in different flavors
Insanely scrumptious Gelato!
OMG! I am not a cake lover but these gelato cakes are enough to make me drool and 
puff my eyes in amazement!

Caramia, which means "My Dear" in Italian, offers delectable frozen desserts, cream cakes, gelato shakes, iced coffees, frappes and pasta concoctions. Caramia Gelato Cafe is part of the Amici food brand and has several outlets in Metro Manila.

One of Caramia's must-try is the Gelato shake with Gelato ice cream as the base 
drizzled with whipping cream and chocolate. So yummy! The creamy taste was just right,
no fatty feel and the gelato remained firm despite the presence of liquid.
My meal composed of Gelato shake in Strawberry delights and 
Penne Rosa and Bacon pasta. One thing I detested about Italian pasta concoctions 
is the spike of the sour taste in every bite or maybe I am not just into sour flavor.
One glass of Gelato shake is Php165.00, single order of Penne Rosa pasta is Php185.00

I don't like the sour taste in pasta because I prefer the creamy, cheesy and sweety version, that's why I love Carbonara, but during my food adventure, I wanted to discover something different in my taste, so I asked the staff what is their best-seller in pasta and they recommended Penne Rosa and Bacon. When I took my first bite, my revolting mind protested "oh, no, here we go again with the overloaded sour taste", but it was worth the discovery and I have no regrets.  Truly, had a satisfying food slash dessert solo adventure at Caramia. A must-try gelateria in Ayala Fairview Terraces mall. 

Asking about the price, well, considering that this is a Gelato cafe, expect that prices are higher than ordinary ice cream parlor but everything is really worthy. In fact, Caramia Gelateria is relatively cheaper compared to other authentic Gelato cafes  in Metro Manila.

Caramia can be easily spotted when you visit Ayala Terraces in Fairview, it is just within the garden, ground floor area.