One of the most exciting things I often look forward when I am traveling is the food of the locals. It is always wonderful to try regional dishes and discover find something new. Luckily for me my appetite is not sensitive and does not react violently to strange recipes or bizarre cuisine offered in the area. I can take it no matter how unusual the taste is.

During my trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, I was in awe with their cuisines, although rooted in oriental base recipes, the flavor twist is really a matter of one's decision to take it or leave it. But I was really adventurous and I tried every thing I found in the buffet table during the trip.


Just like most countries in South Asia, Vietnamese loves noodles, soup and aromatic flavors of herbs like mint, lemon grass and cilantro. During my travel to Saigon, I tried this authentic Vietnamese cuisine called Pho and the taste really surprised me. Although I like noodles a lot especially the Japanese ramen, the one in Vietnam is slightly strange because herbs or green vegetables are  included (but served separately). The bean sprout smells very fresh and lime wedges look interesting.

Vietnamese Pho I tried while traveling to Saigon. 
The side dish is composed of bean sprouts, wedges and herbs, very aromatic!

My friends, Rowie and Vangie, played safe and did not try any authentic Vietnamese
noodles and ordered instead this familiar food, beef and egg

At first I was unsure how to eat it, whether to dip the fresh plants to the soup or consume it separately. The smell is similar to the freshly pluck green grass in the valley! Of course I was a little afraid my stomach will be upset but after a while I give it a go. I tried dipping it into the soup but then removed it because it seemed did not suit well. So I ended up eating it alone with sauce. It tastes good, very different from Filipino vegetables I normally devoured. Worth trying anyway.


One night while looking for a restaurant to spend dinner around Phnom Penh city, we came across this small food stall in the street and wondered what's on the cooking bin. We're super tired exploring other restaurants so we ordered the first food we saw.

Unfortunately, the server, who appeared like the owner of that food stall, could not speak nor understand English so no matter how we exerted effort to ask the name of the food she could not get it so we just ended up eating the one she served us. This food comes straight from the steamer so the taste is really great!

The only phrase we understood was coming from her husband who told us it's a Vietnamese food! Yaay! Anyway, what made it nice was that the order came with a free cup of hot tea! But while eating, well, I loved the taste and texture of the food, could not help but wondered what is the name of the food. It tastes very yummy and ultra delicious, although my two friends never shared the same fascination with me.

We did not fully consume our order so we asked the lady to put it in a plastic plate so that we could take it out. I brought it during our travel to Siem Reap city the following morning and served as my lunch.

Originally a Vietnamese Food, bánh cuốn is also famously served in many food outlets in Phnom Penh city, Cambodia. For four months since visiting Vietnam and Cambodia, this food remains a mystery to me. I have no idea with its name 
until I searched it on the web.

I find this food very yummy. Made of rice flour, dried shallots, 
crispy rice and top with herbs, this food is perfect for snacks and dinner

I kept on searching this food but to no avail, until recently at last I saw the picture and found out it's bánh cuốn! It is made of steamed rice flour and rolled in crispy rice, it is served with deep-fried shallots bits and traditionally dip into nước chấm sauce. 


Our first dinner in Siem Reap was spent at Koulen II Restaurant in Wat Bo Village, and this restaurant offers international cuisine and authentic Cambodian dishes. I like the seafood and meat varieties but I finished my meal with salad and lots of oriental food choices like Japanese Maki and Gyoza.

Lettuce, maki, squash custard and a lot more

Cambodian meat I tried at Koulen II restaurant, the flavor twist is fairly nice