Love Desserts cafe offers a buffet of desserts with all the goodness of mouth-watering pastries, canapes and ice cream. This is a very unique pastry house because you will eat nothing but sweets! Just imagine all those scrumptious cakes, tarts, French macaroons and unlimited scoop of ice cream spread in front of you. Forget your diet, this indulgence is only good for two hours.

Yummy desserts unlimited!

Love Desserts café is located in Pearl Drive, Fairview, Quezon City, just along the road going to Lamesa Ecopark. The buffet is only Php199.00 and customers are allowed to stay for 2 hours only. But the time limitation is enough to try all those decadent sweet-temptation recipes.

The buffet consists of pies, cakes, canapes or bite-size desserts, tarts, ice cream and halo-halo. With just Php199.00, you will satisfy yourself with the array of sweetness. The amount already includes drinks, either water, coffee, tea, juice or iced tea.

Cake! And all those dreamy cakes you've been wanting to devour!

Had a blast of sweetness last Mother's Day, May 10, with my friend, Rowena Tagaan, at Love Desserts and that was so awesome! Love all those pastries on display, yummier, creamier and insanely scrumptious. It was not our intention to celebrate our long-overdue motherhood with an overboard pretension that nothing is realize still. It just happened it was Mother's Day!

And...did I say it was not our intention? When we asked for our bill, a waitress dashed towards us and asked who among us is the "mother" haha! It was mother's day celebration after all and the cafe was offering a discounted price for all mothers. Instead of Php199.00 one mother will be billed only for Php143.00 and yes, we got it and Rowie claimed the honor of being the mother earth. We had a great laugh that afternoon.

Okay, I am not fond of pastries and cakes, but a rare trip to this dessert cafe sounds so luscious I forced my appetite to gorge pastries even for just two hours. I want to share a new dessert destination also to the readers of my blog, so a quick escape to this scrumpy place is really a must. This is worth trying especially if you are a dessert junkie person. You have a chance to try all the sweet goodies at a very affordable price.

After a bowl of unlimited scoops of ice cream, I wrapped my sweet adventure with this crispy chips delight

With Rowena. A sweet food trip to Love Desserts on Mother's Day!

How to get to LOVE DESSERTS?

If you are coming from EDSA, board a bus going to SM Fairview and drop off at Pearl Drive, Love Desserts cafe is located on the second floor just besides Elements Grill.

Rate for this dessert experience: Php 199.00 (including drinks) per head and good for two hours. You may choose to drink Tea or Coffee if the sweetie effect of the pastries seems revolting to you.

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00AM to 11:00PM

Just a reminder: The area is very limited and  there's a huge flow of diners on weekends and holidays, so better plan your food trip there. Come as early as 12:00 noon to secure a table without hassle. Usually, if the place is fully loaded with diners, you will be put on a waiting list which sometimes takes up to two hours before you will be given a table.

Update as of April 2018: Buffet at Love Desserts already costs Php230.00