One of the most exciting things I’ve always look forward when I am traveling is taking some food adventure. Food delights me and I am not afraid to explore strange items in the menu when I’m in a new place. Even if it doesn’t sound appetizing and appealing, I just want to discover how the locals prepared their own recipes. The discovery is always worth the trip and gives meaning to what adventure is all about.

Others find it awful to take food not familiar to their appetite. They're are afraid it might upset their stomach, but not me. I've a normal gastronomic response when I'm taking a food adventure. And it doesn't flip my abdomen  when I am facing a variety of meals in the menu. The more strange the name, the better the excitement.

However, when it comes to dining style, my preference is always oriental. Oriental dishes satisfy my food craving. And when I’m on the road, aside from scouting a restaurant that serves local dishes, I always look for an oriental restaurant.

When I visited Vietnam and Cambodia in January 2015, the first local dish I've tried was something with a large bowl of soup, the name was so strange it didn't retain in my memory. 

Rice noodle soup with seafood and fresh vegetables 

Jelly sticky rolls I've tried in Cambodia 

It was a good set of meal. I like the rice noodles and the seafood. In Cambodia, I tried a jelly rice roll but didn't get the local name. The resto owner couldn't speak English so I didn't bother inquiring the name of food. But it tasted so good!

However, I must admit that I'm such a Japanese cuisine fanatic and Maki, any kinds of Maki, always enthralls me. I wish I could travel to Japan soon to do an all-day Maki adventure in Osaka or in Kyoto!

Japanese maki varieties are always perfect to my oriental taste bud