The blistering summer heat in the Philippines makes your appetite to crave for more coolers and refreshing sweets every now and then. And on weekends when you're outside, the punishing temperature makes you rush to grab a cup of ice cream.

That's what we felt when we were strolling around UP Town Center yesterday after taking our lunch at Yabu. I adored gelato so much because of its sturdy, yet ultra smooth and creamier texture, so when we saw a life-sized poster of Manila Creamery where luscious gelato menu has been featured, we didn't waste time. And rushed to the third floor of the mall to sample the flavors. 

Interestingly, Manila Creamery has a wide array of gelato flavors with some twists. Not settling on the usual boring ice cream flavors, this refreshment shop concocted some unique creations. Mangga't suman, tutong na kanin, mango pomelo, Davao chocolate.  Tutong na kanin? How's that for an ice cream flavor? That's for everyone to find out. 

Meanwhile, we ended up choosing the gelato parfait creations for an intense afternoon refreshment! Because the heat outside was simply terrible. Usually, when Jeff and I went out for a dinner or any food adventure, we usually chose two different items so that we can taste both or exchange if I don't like the one I pick 😂

At Manila Creamery we chose two kinds of parfait - halo halo and mais con yelo, both mouth-watering and incredibly luscious! With a big blob of gelato on top how can we not be amazed? 

The halo halo variety is a creative mixture of black sesame seeds,  roasted rice and a creamy gelato coffee. The mais con yelo tasted like a mango cheesecake with some caramel sauce drizzled on top. 

Scrumptious and delicious flavors and definitely will be back there and try other flavors in the menu.