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Monday, December 3, 2018

Hello Kitty Cafe: A Cute Throwback To Our Childhood

December 03, 2018 0

The girls who love everything 
about fun and cuteness 🤗💖

I had a great lunchout with my team mates one day at Hello Kitty cafe in Uptown Mall, BGC! 

It was after our night shift and we're kinda excited to relax at the cutie interior of Hello Kitty Cafe.
Having fun 😀
The place is so simply fabulous, quiant, quiet and furnished with everything pink and cuteness which bring back happy childhood memories.

If Hello Kitty is part of your growing up years, this Sanrio-inspired cafe in Uptown, BGC is a perfect place for you to get lost in wonderland. 
Hello Kitty cafe offers the best of those cuteness stuff associated to our happy childhood. The age of innocence.

Almost every girl-tot grows up adoring the cuteness of Hello Kitty. The lovely design, the soft and sweet pinkish stuff, and the iconic bow.

It manifests a unique brand of magic and sweetness feel that made our innocent years extra cheerful. 
So it’s not surprising that despite reaching adulthood, we still can’t get enough with the charm of Hello Kitty, and the fascination it brings to our senses.
All those shades of pink and pastel, contrasting white still evoke lovely memories. 

So when this Sanrio-themed cafe finally opened in the Philippines, girls-turned-ladies are as equally as excited as the kids to drop by at this dining place.
The Interior Design

All its themed cafes around the world are designed to contrast each other. While in the US, HK Cafe follows a dreamy shade of pink, the Philippine version is a Western royalty theme. 
Hello Kitty interiors
It has golden cages to resemble the gilded thrones of European royal court. This is to highlight the concept of dining in a bewitching room fits for a princess. 

Still obsessed with the cuteness of Hello Kitty? This cafe indeed offers a fairytale-fantasy feel. 

The gold trimmings, the cute interiors evoked that period in our childhood where we cared nothing but toys and plays and fun and food.

Sweet moments indeed. 

This is my second gourmand trip to Hello Kitty Cafe but the childish excitement is still very much on. The Kawaii-inspired interior frills still make me giddy that a repeat visit is still as good as the first one.
I was with my four team mates this time, Mits, Bea, Lala and Aileen so the moment is a lot cozier. We had a fun lunch out. With lots of laughter and taunting along the way. 

It was a balmy Friday noon after all and we’re very much enthusiastic and excited to gorge on the dishes after a tiring work routine.
Hello Kitty Cafe serves character-inspired dishes and pastries, and though Sanrio is a Japanese brand, the cafe however, follows a French-style gourmet. But while the menu is thoroughly French, the cafe retains the Kawaii pop culture. 
All dishes and beverages are served with Hello Kitty designs and cutouts on top, which make the presentation so attractive and fabulous. 

Sanrio, the company that holds the license of Hello Kitty, has a unique way of enchanting people to experience the subtlety and sophistication that Hello Kitty brings. 

Here are some of the dishes we tried.

Apple Crumble Crepe 
Caramel Machiatto latte

The Apple Crumble Crepe has stewed and raisins filling in rhum and served with vanilla ice ream and caramel garnish. It tasted better than any other crepes I tried. 

The crepe sheets are smooth, holding the fillings together without any spill, it’s not messy, and I could taste the delight of taking an authentic French crepe recipe with a brush of luxury. I also like the pumpkin soup. 

Subtle and creamy. The concoction is thick and savory with strips of young pumpkin that pacifies grumbling tummy.

Chicken Gibraltar
My colleagues tried the Chicken Gibraltar (Php275.00), a grilled Mediterranean chicken breast with fresh greens rolled in French sourdough bread and served with crisp fries, tomato-cucumber salsa, fresh olives and chutney sauce. 

However, we cringed haha! It could be the olives or chutney sauce, but we found the smell a little offensive and tangy. The taste was too westernized.
Pink carbonara and Matcha latte

During my first visit, I tried Creamy Pink Carbonara (Php395.00) and Matcha Latte (Php195.00) in a demitasse cup. 

This time, I chose the Apple Crumble Crepe (Php445.00), Roasted Pumpkin Soup (Php185.00) and Caramel Machiatto Latte (Php195.00).
Kahlua Cream Cheese Tortle
Chocolate Truffle crepe
Another dish worth trying is the Shrimp Scampi (Php395.00), fettucine pasta in white wine sauce with butter sauteed prawns and bacon strips. 

I love the texture of this pasta, al dente! And the white wine sauce perfectly blended with Parmesan cheese, coating every strand of fettucine into perfection.
Chocolate Truffle with cream fillings
The girls loved chocolate cake, so they added some sweetness in the table. Chocolate Truffle Cake (Php215.00), which is covered with rich chocolate ganache and adorned with cream fillings. 

Something I barely touched because I am not into chocolates. Then there’s Kahlua Cream Cheese Tortle (Php255.00), a sponge cake soaked in espresso and Kahlua (a coffee-flavored liquor) and smothered with cream cheese. They also picked Java Chip Frappe (Php215.00).

Shrimp Scampi 
Choco frappe!
I took a small bite on both Truffle and Kahlua cake delights, and it tasted awesome. Not overly sugary, it has a balance taste of creaminess and sweetness. Ideal for people who don’t like sugary stuff. Other must-try dishes at Hello Kitty Cafe are the profiteroles and sandwiches.

Yummy profiteroles!
The highlight of the experience dining at Hello Kitty Cafe, however, is the atmosphere of being in a dreamy room filled with all things cuteness and glamorous. Fairytale trimmings that evoke happy childhood memories.
Dishes are ultra luscious, rich in gourmet details and flavor, every item on the menu is prepared on a distinct savory note that only classy cafe could accomplish. Food sophistication at its best which makes the pricey tag worthy.
Pumpkin soup
Hello Kitty Cafe also has entrees and other savory French dishes: Grilled Moroccan Chicken (Php295.), Pork Tenderloin Medallions (Php445.00), Classic Beef Burgundy (Php445.00), Pan-seared Salmon with Tarragon Cream Sauce (Php655.00).  Profiteroles: Oreo, Salted Caramel, Blueberry, Choco mint, Pistachio with price ranging from Php55.00 to Php65.00 each. Mini cakes, pasta, croque and sandwiches are also available.
Frappe and Sweets
They have hot and cold drinks, lattes, frappes, shakes and soda with price ranging from Php165.00 to Php300.00. I like the Matcha Latte, its taste is not too sweet but creamier which balances the bitter tad of matcha.

Happy tummy 🤣
Food and beverages at this cafe are quite pricey. More than the average price tags of casual cafe shops that follow a Western, especially European, concept. 

But with scrumptious dishes concocted in  sophistication and fine gourmet delights, plus the Sanrio brand of magic and unique culture of cuteness, the goodies are worth the value of your money. 

Safest budget for each person is Php600.00.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Thrill of Fantasy Dining at Hello Kitty Cafe

September 15, 2018 0
Hello Kitty!

For girls who love everything about cuteness, and all things pink and dreamy, nothing beats the thrill provided by one of the world's most beloved cartoon characters, Hello Kitty! 

There's something about this fictional character that captures every girl's fantasy of a soft day. Perhaps, it's the way the whole concept of fascination this cutie cartoon magnifies.

Interior of Hello Kitty cafe in Uptown Mall

Each time I see a Hello Kitty merchandise or design, it feels everything in my surrounding has transformed into something magical and lovely. 

As though the whole world is filled with love and wonders and the environment is at peace again. So it's not surprising that when I heard about this Kawaii-inspired cafe in Uptown BGC, the child in me perks up. 

As a gourmand traveler, this is an ultimate food adventure!

My colleagues who are equally crazy as myself over Hello Kitty, have been planning to visit this dining wonder but due to conflict of our schedule only Zy and I gave it a go.

And it was a great night filled with cuteness stuff inside Hello Kitty. I settled with a creamy pink carbonara because I was intrigued with its design and unique recipe. Pink carbonara! Haha

I also tried the Matcha latte because I love everything about green tea.

Interior of Hello Kitty Cafe
Half past nine, we walked to the cafe. It was close to mall closing time so the place was not super crowded. 

And as we strode inside the area, it was a bit surreal, finally we made it, making things happen, taking a piece of fantasy, believing that magic of innocence never ends. 

Hello Kitty couch

The café’s interior brings back happy childhood memories. All those shades of pink and blue and yellow that evoke a care-free life.
Hello Kitty is licensed by Sanrio, a Japanese company known to produce items and designs focusing on Kawaii (cute) segment of Japanese popular culture. 

And unlike most popular Disney characters, Hello Kitty has quite a late entry into the world of cute cartoons. Only in 1974 when Yumo Shimizu created it for Sanrio. 

Its iconic design, however, was not fully established until in later years when Yumo Yamaguchi designed Hello Kitty to its current form.

Sipping my favorite Matcha Latte 
Since then, almost every girl once in their childhood had been captivated by the magical cuteness of Hello Kitty. 

Perhaps, due to its sweet personification. And the shade that associated to soft feminine type – baby pink

It’s almost impossible for girls who like cutie stuff to never be mesmerized with the sweetness of Hello Kitty. So this cafe in Uptown, BGC appears to be like the fulfillment of that childhood fantasy.
When Zy and I went their last night, a different level of excitement was bubbling beneath. At last, after months of planning, things finally pushed through. 

We were grinning when we entered the cafe. There was a beautiful memory resonating. Emotions were light. Mood was smoother. 

Bolognese spaghetti 

It felt like we’ve just walked to a fairytale room full of pretty things. We immediately walked to the dreamy gilded cage lounge.
Looking around, I couldn’t help but be amazed with the thrill of fantasy going around. Gold trimmings shimmered like diamonds. 

Atmosphere was soft and warmth. When the menu was handed to us, I was quite surprised to discover that the cafe follows a French dining style.
My favorite Matcha Latte and Carbonara
With some tongue-twisting names of pastries, desserts, entries and beverages in the menu, diners will surely get a dose of a European dining sophistication. 

But it makes the whole experience more fascinating. Just imagine the perfect blend of Japanese cuteness and French extravagance. It’s a rare combination!
S'mores chocolate 
Indeed, sweetness was all over the place last night, washed off by the shades of pastels and gold accents, bringing the concept of dining in fantasy to a whole new level. 

The interior appeared to be like a fairytale classroom filled with innocence and care-free spirit. And with all those frills and trimmings of a dreamy world fit for a princess.
Chocolate frappe
In great contrast to the roots of Sanrio, which is thoroughly Japanese, this Hello Kitty Cafe however, follows a French theme with items in the menu prevalent to a French culinary. And yes, as expected, quite pricey. But very worthy!
I chose one of the best-sellers, pink creamy carbonara topped with a soft boiled egg that comes with a cute Hello Kitty design. For my drinks, I chose a demitasse of hot matcha latte. Zy opted for another pasta, the spag bolognese, with S’mores latte.

Pink carbonara
It was a good meal combination. I love carbonara and my choice of beverage has always been matcha, a Japanese beverage. But one of the reasons I was attracted to pink carbonara was due to its uniqueness. It was something I have never heard before. Where else could we find a pink carbonara? 😆
Zy told me the s’mores latte has too much sweetness. A coffee concoction of milk and cream drizzled with chocolate, s’mores latte looks like a smorgasbord of calories containing the thickness of chocolates and cream. 

Matcha latte 

The matcha latte tasted just right. The texture was creamier and thicker and the bitter tad of matcha helped balance the sweet blend of milk and cream.
Hello Kitty is not your typical cafe house of dessert and pasta and coffees, it’s a food place of wonders full of fascinating frills of childhood fantasies. 

Everything in the menu tastes great but a little pricey for someone who’s following a stiff budget. 

Price tag for food ranges from Php250 to 500 while a cup of beverage of your choice starts at Php160.00. But it’s worth the value of your money.
Each order comes with an artistic Hello Kitty design which makes you hesitate to take it. 

You just don’t want to ruin it because it looks so perfect and dreamy.😄The downside is that this cafe doesn’t have Hello Kitty souvenir items to shop despite being a licensed-Sanrio store.

For a satisfying food adventure at Hello Kitty Cafe, prepare a budget of Php700.00, this is already consists of a one-course meal and a glass of soda. 

Hello Kitty has also a frappe variety with a price that ranges between Php210 to Php295. Other items in the menu include French pies, salad, sandwiches, cupcakes, profiteroles, fries, soup and eclairs.
Hello Kitty Cafe is on thethird level of Uptown Mall. 
Address: 36th, 9th Avenue, BGC, Taguig, Philippines. Operating hours: 11am to 10pm Monday to Sunday.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Manila Creamery: Offering some unique gelato flavors

April 23, 2018 0
The blistering summer heat in the Philippines makes your appetite to crave for more coolers and refreshing sweets every now and then. And on weekends when you're outside, the punishing temperature makes you rush to grab a cup of ice cream.

That's what we felt when we were strolling around UP Town Center yesterday after taking our lunch at Yabu. I adored gelato so much because of its sturdy, yet ultra smooth and creamier texture, so when we saw a life-sized poster of Manila Creamery where luscious gelato menu has been featured, we didn't waste time. And rushed to the third floor of the mall to sample the flavors. 

Interestingly, Manila Creamery has a wide array of gelato flavors with some twists. Not settling on the usual boring ice cream flavors, this refreshment shop concocted some unique creations. Mangga't suman, tutong na kanin, mango pomelo, Davao chocolate.  Tutong na kanin? How's that for an ice cream flavor? That's for everyone to find out. 

Meanwhile, we ended up choosing the gelato parfait creations for an intense afternoon refreshment! Because the heat outside was simply terrible. Usually, when Jeff and I went out for a dinner or any food adventure, we usually chose two different items so that we can taste both or exchange if I don't like the one I pick 😂

At Manila Creamery we chose two kinds of parfait - halo halo and mais con yelo, both mouth-watering and incredibly luscious! With a big blob of gelato on top how can we not be amazed? 

The halo halo variety is a creative mixture of black sesame seeds,  roasted rice and a creamy gelato coffee. The mais con yelo tasted like a mango cheesecake with some caramel sauce drizzled on top. 

Scrumptious and delicious flavors and definitely will be back there and try other flavors in the menu. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Decadent Kumori Cheese Tart

July 09, 2017 0
I haven’t gone to a cozy café shop in a while. Been awfully busy with other stuff, loping off with some editing task on my books. And though I’ve gone quite a few times to oriental restaurants, I didn’t get a chance to drop by at any bistro for a warm cup of tea. Something I sorely missed.

Until lately.

Last Saturday, July 1st, I took off from writing to go elsewhere and spent time with a friend, moseying around, and just let moments passed by over conversation, laughter and food. It was a snug afternoon, though raining, but the atmosphere was perfectly comfy.

UP Town Center indeed is a perfect place to hang around. Surprisingly quiet! You can engage on a long, private conversation with someone without competing with the noise of blaring cars and raucous mall goers.

But before enjoying a cup of tea and coffee at CBTL, my friend brought me to Kumori, a Japanese bake shop with a wide selection of delectable pastries and mouth-watering desserts (a little strange because I always associated a Japanese food counter with Maki and Sashimi). Then bought a scrummy tart called, well simply, cheese tart (no trimming of overflowing descriptions lol!) for me to try.

The decadent Kumori Cheese Tart. Photo credit:
Haven't taken a single photo of the cheese tart I gorged (maybe I was too excited to eat the concoction and Jeff did not bother taking one! 😄) but the above photo from looloo site is exactly the same as the one I've tried.

It was so insanely scrumptious!

Okay, I have no penchant over sweet food. I detested the sugary feel of cakes. And unlike other girls who yearned sweet desserts as badly as they longed for chocolates and roses during valentine’s day, I never crave for cakes and chocolate mousse.

There is something in it that made my appetite churn in repugnance. It’s the ugly spike of plain sugar in pastries perhaps. I find it revolting. But I love to devour cheese cake! I always love creamy and cheesy food and all the awesomeness of tarts and buttery fusion.

Kumori cheese tart is just so luscious! It perfectly suited my flimsy appetite over pastries. It has a very smooth texture. Cheesy but not overly greasy. Velvety but not watery. A fine balance of a creamy smoothness and the silky consistency of a cheese!

This custard tart variety is quite delicate. So don't rush (just like what I did haha!) when you take a bite. The moment you nibble the tart, the core easily slithers, maybe due to its very creamy texture, and the crust easily crumbles, so take it cautiously. 

To eat it without splintering the crispy tart shell, take a few, cautious nip of the milky part (the core itself) before nibbling the crust. It won’t spill a mess in your mouth, trust me. You can savor the creamy taste afterwards.

The downside? Quite pricey! Jeff (Thank you so much!) paid P60.00 for just a single piece (smaller than the size of a regular cupcake). And for a few seconds I gazed it like I’ve just seen a magical stuff laying beneath the cutie transparent wrap. Too transfixed (over the high price) to gobble it. Until he nudged me to eat it. 

I wolfed it within 10 seconds. And the P60.00 was gone. Nah! You’ll get the value of your money though. It’s no ordinary cheese tart. It’s incredibly different from those dull tarts crowding the bakeshops around the metro. It’s a decadent sweetie concoction you can indulge once in a while. A perfect treat for yourself after a tiring week. 

Photo credit:

Kumori Japanese Bakery is located at the ground level of UP Town Center, Katipunan, Quezon City, with branches along SM Makati and SM North Edsa.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gourmand Trip Sweets: Love Desserts

May 14, 2015 0

Love Desserts cafe offers a buffet of desserts with all the goodness of mouth-watering pastries, canapes and ice cream. This is a very unique pastry house because you will eat nothing but sweets! Just imagine all those scrumptious cakes, tarts, French macaroons and unlimited scoop of ice cream spread in front of you. Forget your diet, this indulgence is only good for two hours.

Yummy desserts unlimited!

Love Desserts café is located in Pearl Drive, Fairview, Quezon City, just along the road going to Lamesa Ecopark. The buffet is only Php199.00 and customers are allowed to stay for 2 hours only. But the time limitation is enough to try all those decadent sweet-temptation recipes.

The buffet consists of pies, cakes, canapes or bite-size desserts, tarts, ice cream and halo-halo. With just Php199.00, you will satisfy yourself with the array of sweetness. The amount already includes drinks, either water, coffee, tea, juice or iced tea.

Cake! And all those dreamy cakes you've been wanting to devour!

Had a blast of sweetness last Mother's Day, May 10, with my friend, Rowena Tagaan, at Love Desserts and that was so awesome! Love all those pastries on display, yummier, creamier and insanely scrumptious. It was not our intention to celebrate our long-overdue motherhood with an overboard pretension that nothing is realize still. It just happened it was Mother's Day!

And...did I say it was not our intention? When we asked for our bill, a waitress dashed towards us and asked who among us is the "mother" haha! It was mother's day celebration after all and the cafe was offering a discounted price for all mothers. Instead of Php199.00 one mother will be billed only for Php143.00 and yes, we got it and Rowie claimed the honor of being the mother earth. We had a great laugh that afternoon.

Okay, I am not fond of pastries and cakes, but a rare trip to this dessert cafe sounds so luscious I forced my appetite to gorge pastries even for just two hours. I want to share a new dessert destination also to the readers of my blog, so a quick escape to this scrumpy place is really a must. This is worth trying especially if you are a dessert junkie person. You have a chance to try all the sweet goodies at a very affordable price.

After a bowl of unlimited scoops of ice cream, I wrapped my sweet adventure with this crispy chips delight

With Rowena. A sweet food trip to Love Desserts on Mother's Day!

How to get to LOVE DESSERTS?

If you are coming from EDSA, board a bus going to SM Fairview and drop off at Pearl Drive, Love Desserts cafe is located on the second floor just besides Elements Grill.

Rate for this dessert experience: Php 199.00 (including drinks) per head and good for two hours. You may choose to drink Tea or Coffee if the sweetie effect of the pastries seems revolting to you.

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00AM to 11:00PM

Just a reminder: The area is very limited and  there's a huge flow of diners on weekends and holidays, so better plan your food trip there. Come as early as 12:00 noon to secure a table without hassle. Usually, if the place is fully loaded with diners, you will be put on a waiting list which sometimes takes up to two hours before you will be given a table.

Update as of April 2018: Buffet at Love Desserts already costs Php230.00


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