The girls who love everything 
about fun and cuteness 🤗💖

I had a great lunchout with my team mates one day at Hello Kitty cafe in Uptown Mall, BGC! 

It was after our night shift and we're kinda excited to relax at the cutie interior of Hello Kitty Cafe.
Having fun 😀
The place is so simply fabulous, quiant, quiet and furnished with everything pink and cuteness which bring back happy childhood memories.

If Hello Kitty is part of your growing up years, this Sanrio-inspired cafe in Uptown, BGC is a perfect place for you to get lost in wonderland. 
Hello Kitty cafe offers the best of those cuteness stuff associated to our happy childhood. The age of innocence.

Almost every girl-tot grows up adoring the cuteness of Hello Kitty. The lovely design, the soft and sweet pinkish stuff, and the iconic bow.

It manifests a unique brand of magic and sweetness feel that made our innocent years extra cheerful. 
So it’s not surprising that despite reaching adulthood, we still can’t get enough with the charm of Hello Kitty, and the fascination it brings to our senses.
All those shades of pink and pastel, contrasting white still evoke lovely memories. 

So when this Sanrio-themed cafe finally opened in the Philippines, girls-turned-ladies are as equally as excited as the kids to drop by at this dining place.
The Interior Design

All its themed cafes around the world are designed to contrast each other. While in the US, HK Cafe follows a dreamy shade of pink, the Philippine version is a Western royalty theme. 
Hello Kitty interiors
It has golden cages to resemble the gilded thrones of European royal court. This is to highlight the concept of dining in a bewitching room fits for a princess. 

Still obsessed with the cuteness of Hello Kitty? This cafe indeed offers a fairytale-fantasy feel. 

The gold trimmings, the cute interiors evoked that period in our childhood where we cared nothing but toys and plays and fun and food.

Sweet moments indeed. 

This is my second gourmand trip to Hello Kitty Cafe but the childish excitement is still very much on. The Kawaii-inspired interior frills still make me giddy that a repeat visit is still as good as the first one.
I was with my four team mates this time, Mits, Bea, Lala and Aileen so the moment is a lot cozier. We had a fun lunch out. With lots of laughter and taunting along the way. 

It was a balmy Friday noon after all and we’re very much enthusiastic and excited to gorge on the dishes after a tiring work routine.
Hello Kitty Cafe serves character-inspired dishes and pastries, and though Sanrio is a Japanese brand, the cafe however, follows a French-style gourmet. But while the menu is thoroughly French, the cafe retains the Kawaii pop culture. 
All dishes and beverages are served with Hello Kitty designs and cutouts on top, which make the presentation so attractive and fabulous. 

Sanrio, the company that holds the license of Hello Kitty, has a unique way of enchanting people to experience the subtlety and sophistication that Hello Kitty brings. 

Here are some of the dishes we tried.

Apple Crumble Crepe 
Caramel Machiatto latte

The Apple Crumble Crepe has stewed and raisins filling in rhum and served with vanilla ice ream and caramel garnish. It tasted better than any other crepes I tried. 

The crepe sheets are smooth, holding the fillings together without any spill, it’s not messy, and I could taste the delight of taking an authentic French crepe recipe with a brush of luxury. I also like the pumpkin soup. 

Subtle and creamy. The concoction is thick and savory with strips of young pumpkin that pacifies grumbling tummy.

Chicken Gibraltar
My colleagues tried the Chicken Gibraltar (Php275.00), a grilled Mediterranean chicken breast with fresh greens rolled in French sourdough bread and served with crisp fries, tomato-cucumber salsa, fresh olives and chutney sauce. 

However, we cringed haha! It could be the olives or chutney sauce, but we found the smell a little offensive and tangy. The taste was too westernized.
Pink carbonara and Matcha latte

During my first visit, I tried Creamy Pink Carbonara (Php395.00) and Matcha Latte (Php195.00) in a demitasse cup. 

This time, I chose the Apple Crumble Crepe (Php445.00), Roasted Pumpkin Soup (Php185.00) and Caramel Machiatto Latte (Php195.00).
Kahlua Cream Cheese Tortle
Chocolate Truffle crepe
Another dish worth trying is the Shrimp Scampi (Php395.00), fettucine pasta in white wine sauce with butter sauteed prawns and bacon strips. 

I love the texture of this pasta, al dente! And the white wine sauce perfectly blended with Parmesan cheese, coating every strand of fettucine into perfection.
Chocolate Truffle with cream fillings
The girls loved chocolate cake, so they added some sweetness in the table. Chocolate Truffle Cake (Php215.00), which is covered with rich chocolate ganache and adorned with cream fillings. 

Something I barely touched because I am not into chocolates. Then there’s Kahlua Cream Cheese Tortle (Php255.00), a sponge cake soaked in espresso and Kahlua (a coffee-flavored liquor) and smothered with cream cheese. They also picked Java Chip Frappe (Php215.00).

Shrimp Scampi 
Choco frappe!
I took a small bite on both Truffle and Kahlua cake delights, and it tasted awesome. Not overly sugary, it has a balance taste of creaminess and sweetness. Ideal for people who don’t like sugary stuff. Other must-try dishes at Hello Kitty Cafe are the profiteroles and sandwiches.

Yummy profiteroles!
The highlight of the experience dining at Hello Kitty Cafe, however, is the atmosphere of being in a dreamy room filled with all things cuteness and glamorous. Fairytale trimmings that evoke happy childhood memories.
Dishes are ultra luscious, rich in gourmet details and flavor, every item on the menu is prepared on a distinct savory note that only classy cafe could accomplish. Food sophistication at its best which makes the pricey tag worthy.
Pumpkin soup
Hello Kitty Cafe also has entrees and other savory French dishes: Grilled Moroccan Chicken (Php295.), Pork Tenderloin Medallions (Php445.00), Classic Beef Burgundy (Php445.00), Pan-seared Salmon with Tarragon Cream Sauce (Php655.00).  Profiteroles: Oreo, Salted Caramel, Blueberry, Choco mint, Pistachio with price ranging from Php55.00 to Php65.00 each. Mini cakes, pasta, croque and sandwiches are also available.
Frappe and Sweets
They have hot and cold drinks, lattes, frappes, shakes and soda with price ranging from Php165.00 to Php300.00. I like the Matcha Latte, its taste is not too sweet but creamier which balances the bitter tad of matcha.

Happy tummy 🤣
Food and beverages at this cafe are quite pricey. More than the average price tags of casual cafe shops that follow a Western, especially European, concept. 

But with scrumptious dishes concocted in  sophistication and fine gourmet delights, plus the Sanrio brand of magic and unique culture of cuteness, the goodies are worth the value of your money. 

Safest budget for each person is Php600.00.