Din Tai Fung dinner table

All the goodness of a traditional Chinese cuisine served at this oriental dining place, which is one of the best in the world. 

Din Tai Fung is a Taiwan-based Michelin Star restaurant which opens its door to Filipino gourmanders in 2015. 

It is dubbed as one of the best xiao long bao (steamed bun, soup dumplings) restaurants in the world.

Over the years, it receives numerous accolades for its high quality food, meticulous preparations and scrumptious dimsum dishes, especially the dumplings. 

New York Times hailed it as one of the best top 10 restaurants in the world, while Forbes magazine dubbed it as home of the best dumplings in the world. Michelin Red Guide awarded it with a Michelin-Star rating five times since 2010.

Din Tai Fung branch in SM Megamall

Michelin Star is the highest honorary distinction given to a restaurant or chef around the globe for coming up with high quality dishes considered as the best in the world.

Though Din Tai Fung has been serving the Filipino foodies for quite sometime now, it's only recently that I got a chance to drop by at this restaurant SM Megamall. Making me perhaps the last food blogger to do a Din Tai Fung review.

The ambiance at its megamall branch is a very traditional Chinese restaurant frill. With soft golden lighting, wood tables and oriental ornaments sprucing up the entire place.

But it's usually crowded. Diners will have to sit outside the waiting area and given a number to be called. 

During our visit, we waited for 30 minutes before we were ushered inside. What a sigh of relief because we're already super hungry.

Worth the wait!

But it was worth all the wait! Sumptuous oriental dishes made us all giddy and full. All those xiao long bao goodness. Yum!

We ordered the house specialties: Steamed chicken soup, Mushroom wonton dumplings, baked garlic buns served in xiao long, Stir-fried Chinese kangkong, sweet and sour fish and steamed rice.

Sweet and Sour Pork
The flavorful Stir-fried Chinese kangkong

The scrumptious mushroom wonton dumplings were my favorites among the dishes and the garlic buns. So tasty and flavorful! Authentic oriental cuisine that left me so full and satisfied.

I love the dumplings, so perfect in my taste,  soft and chewy and savory fillings. Its luscious taste is more lip smacking when dip in chilli sauce with a black vinegar and shredded ginger.

Mushroom wonton dumplings
Garlic buns!

I also like the garlic buns. Cooked in precise perfection, the spices blended so well with other ingredients and herbs stuffed in the bun. 

It appears like siopao, pretty close but a lot tastier and flavorful. It tastes heavenly and I like the spicy flavor, sumptuous in every bite.

The house steamed chicken tastes like the regional Filipino tinola but a lot flavorful with some oriental spices in it. 

I also love the Chinese kangkong, freshly cooked, still crisp and appetizing. I also love the white plain rice (Php60.00), so tasty and smells so good.

Satisfied diners! 😃

Overall, my dining experience at Din Tai Fung was excellent and superb. I love the food, customer service and the whole atmosphere. Very relaxing and cool. A typical oriental restaurant ambiance.

Though pricey compared to another Michelin Star restaurant I tried, Tim Ho Wan, Din Tai Fung dishes are worth the value of money. The dumplings are truly the best! It lives up to the hype.

Asking if this restaurant has rice meals? Yes, it has. Price ranges from Php300 to Php450.00 for each rice meal. Prepare a budget of Php600.00 per head when you visit Din Tai Fung.

This restaurant has take-out and food delivery and available in your favorite food delivery app like Grab food and Food panda. 

Don't forget to try Mushroom wonton dumplings, it's truly the best! Forbes magazine once dubbed Dinner Tai Fung as the restaurant that offers the best dumplings in the world! 

Din Tai Fung is a Taiwan based restaurant with several branches in Metro Manila. It has a Michelin star rating which proved its high quality dishes.