Garden area of Basil while waiting for its opening

A birthday dinner to celebrate my special day today!

Basil is a casual dining restaurant offering authentic Thai dishes. It has many branches in Metro Manila and the location we visited is the one at White Plains, along Katipunan avenue, Quezon City. Quiet, calm and relaxing, it's a dining place where you can still feel the vibe of an old home.

What I love about this restaurant, aside from its sumptuous dishes, is the homey ambiance. Surrounded with lush tropical plants and a small garden, the verdant trees protect diners from the hot afternoon atmosphere. Its interior is fabulously rustic with wood furnishing all over the place, plus the artistic fish bone designed chairs.

Basil restaurant outdoor area

I just discovered this place while doing research online for a garden restaurant near Mandaluyong.  My plan of taking a solo travel somewhere wasn't pushed through so I looked for an alternative within Metro Manila. No further explanation needs to do where the restaurant got its name. It's of course from the herb, Basil, a popular flavor among Thai dishes.

It was quite difficult to reach the place unless you're on a private car. Basil located deep into the village of White Plains. So we decided to take a grab ride. The opening hour is 6PM for dinner and we arrived early. At 5PM. The guard kindly led us to the garden to wait. It was cool and breezy,  due to verdant trees around. We're able to breathe the smoothness of the late afternoon air.

Warm interior

At 6:00, the staff called us to come in. We knew then that dinner is served indoor not outdoor.  When we strode inside we're greeted with a unique warmth of an old home typical to Asian houses. Earth tone furnishings, classic chandeliers, dim lightings with a minimalist interior design to resemble a Thai restaurant. The entire atmosphere was so extremely quiet. There were only few diners that day.

Thoroughly Asian theme, the dishes are concocted under Thai influence. I saw pad thai in the menu but we opted for the main course because we're very hungry. We didn't ask for their best-sellers, we just ordered what we thought could satisfy our hunger at the moment.

I already vowed never to eat meat from four-legged animals again due to my animal advocacy but it was my birthday so I made some exemption. I looked for something that fit my budget, and settled on grilled pork in honey sauce and chicken cashew nuts (chicken tenderloins coated in tapioca flour and sprinkled with cashew nuts), jasmine rice and a cup of brewed coffee. 

The grilled pork and the chicken cashew nuts are so extraordinarily savory and luscious, perfectly concocted to achieve that sumptuous Asian flavors. So good. So tasty! Other selections in the menu looked equally appetizing: Crispy garlic and pepper pork, Spicy beef, grilled prawns, Stir-fried fish with crispy holy basil, sticky rice with mango, Thai bagoong rice, vegetables and spring rolls. They also offered soup, seafood, appetizers and salad. 

Budget and Opening Hours

Budget starts from Php260 to Php300 for the main course but don't cringe with its pricey tag because what is interesting is that each selection is already good for sharing. Two to three persons, so it's really worth the value of money.

Opening time of Basil is at 11:30AM to 1:30PM in time for lunch, and 6:00PMto 9:30PM in time for dinner, Monday to Sunday. For avoid hassle, diners coming to the place must do reservation ahead of time. Contact number of Basil is (02)911-4518. But during our dinner, we didn't make a reservation, we just walked-in.

I like the service of their staff. Polite, attentive to the needs of the diners and respectful. They brought our orders with courtesy and made sure we're comfortable with our position in the area. They also doned outfit in Thai fashion. I also love the stillness of the place, very calm, peaceful and serene. Ideal for casual to serious conversation. So it's a good place for a date. 

Important Reminders

Basil is located inside the White Plains village, if you're coming on a private vehicle, follow waze. Its address is on Katipunan avenue.

The best way to reach the place free from hassle is through a grab ride. Parking area is not very wide so if you're bringing your car, please come early.

Cuisine is in Thai influence. Dishes are sumptuous. Though quite pricey, fares in the menu are worth the value of money. Appetizing and flavorful!

Budget starts from Php300 for the main course and this is for sharing already. For salad and appetizers start from Php250.00.