Tranquil and calm, with a unique Asian vibe. That's how I would describe Luljetta's, the only hanging garden and spa resort in the Philippines. It is located in Antipolo City, just a short drive from Metro Manila.

It's very relaxing. All the frills of nature, the serenity of the surroundings, the scent of fresh leaves, and the soft breeze rolling from the mountains, can be felt and experienced at Luljetta's. Natural scenery at its purest.

Hydro pools

The place is perched above the hill, overlooking the Antipolo ridge, surrounded by verdant tropical trees and a cool atmosphere of nature.

Shrouded with lush greenery and natural calmness, there's no need to blurt an overflowing flare of introduction to describe this resort, the name itself reflects what it's all about - a holistic retreat with a whole new approach to health and wellness sanctuary.

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa awaits to pamper guests with its cool amenities and services focusing on relaxation and tranquility. The soft Asian vibe rustles in the air as guests enter the vicinity.

So whether you want to escape the noise and sordid life in the chaotic metropolis or just soak into the calmness of the countryside to loosen up, this place offers the best of both worlds.

Last weekend, that's what exactly what we did. Soaking in calmness and serenity of nature, relaxing at the hydro pool and listening to the whistling of the soft afternoon breeze.

We also pampered ourselves with body massage for one hour and enjoyed the suman in mango with ginger tea afterwards. It's a sumptuous delicacy popular in Antipolo City.

This resort prides itself as the first and only hanging garden spa in the Philippines, where the true essence of tranquility can be truly felt.

Suman in mango and ginger tea

When we got there, indeed, it lived to the hype. Everything was so relax and peaceful. And because I love a mountain resort, I easily fell in love with the place!

The rolling hills, the hanging gardens with its holistic vibes, the idyllic view, the massive tropical greenery and the breathtaking view of the Antipolo ridge. A well-deserved weekend escape indeed.

Everything feels so terrific. I could hear nothing but silence and we basked at its pure serenity. The soft whisper of the valleys seems rising up smoothly among the spa lounges and steeped staircase. The rustling of the afternoon air rolls through the canopy of trees and gently touches the corners of the gardens. 

Stillness at its best!

Every detail of the resort has been well-thought and carefully designed. From the Victorian tea-inspired reception area, to  the steeped wood staircases, down to the quaint outdoor frills and spa lounges. Everything is beautifully carved to balm tired souls. It's a calm place to wind off stress.

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa literally breathed to its name. Carved above the hillside of the Loreland Farm Resort, it overlooks the tranquil mountain ridges of Antipolo and the panoramic vista of the Rizal province. Its spiraled landscape design resonates what we thought about the hanging gardens of Babylon in ancient times. 

The Garden Spa Resort

Built in 2016, this place is located within the eight-hectare ground of Loreland Farm Resort. It has its own reception area spruced up in tea-inspired ornaments, Victorian furniture and cafe tables. The place has its locker room for day trippers, which is clean and secure, enough to keep valuables safety. </p>

Within the hanging gardens are spa lounges complete with oriental tones. The embellishments are Asian-inspired. The lush greenery and tropical plants hugged the whole area, spreading down to the staircase. Soothing music can be heard everywhere. And relaxing aroma of herbs that calms senses can be smelled anywhere.

It has two fish spas that tickled the tired feet of guests to relax. The bites of those precious fish species felt like tiny fingers of infants tickling the skin feet. And mind you, my friend and I really enjoyed this amenity. It's calming and mind blowing a bit due to a tickling sensation of fish bites. We giggled and chuckled while fishes flocked to our feet.

The hydro pool is located just below the spa rooms while the infinity pool is on the lower ground of the hanging garden. This is one of the most spectacular areas in the resort because it directly overlooks the calm vistas of the Rizal province. 

The soothing breeze rolling from the mountain provides a unique feeling of being at peace. Such a terrific weekend breather. This is the area also where a great photo opportunity to capture the dramatic mountain ridges while swimming can be snapped.

Unfortunately, due to limited time, I did not experience dipping into the jacuzzi, the place is so wide we're not able to see the other side of the hydro pool. Couches are all over the place smacked between the verdant trees and blooms. Each lounge has a carefully placed jug of lemon water so guests can truly relaxed. You can reach for a tea cup of lemon water everywhere in the resort. And it's free! 

Rates and Packages

Luljetta's offers different packages for guests. Day tour has many options depend on one's budget.

For Day Trippers:
Package 1: Php1,150.00 per head:
  • Access to hanging gardens, swimming pool, locker room, jacuzzi, lounges.
  • Free snack consists of Antipolo's best suman in cashew and mango and iced ginger tea which is very refreshing.
  • Bathrobe and towel
Package 2: Php1,750.00 per head:
  • Same as those in the above items but this package has a free meal consists of salad, dessert, soup, pasta
Reservation is necessary when planning a visit to Luljetta's. You may send them an email for proper coordination: For those who may want to stay overnight, room rates vary according to the types of suites. The lowest rate is Php4,000 for two persons and the most expensive is Php14,000.00.
  • Councilor's room - Php4,000.00
  • Mayor's room - Php7,000.00
  • Governor's room - Php10,000.00
  • Senator's suite - Php11,000.00
  • Mykonos suite - Php12,000.00
  • Santorini suite - Php14,000.00

The rates include welcome drinks, complimentary breakfast, access to all the amenities in the gardens and spa and to the Loreland Farm resort. Additional pax is Php1,700.00.

Our Day Tour

It was a fine Sunday mid morning when we left Cubao for Antipolo. At 10:30, boarding a van from Farmer's Plaza, we were crunching through the Metro Manila den and followed the Pasig route. Nearly an hour later we rose through the Antipolo traffic and disembarked near the cathedral.

We hired a tricycle for sitio San Roque and navigated deep into the suburban of Antipolo. After passing through many villages we reached the Loreland Farm Resort where Luljetta's is situated.

It was nearly 12:00 noon and I was a bit hungry. But my excitement to soak into the warm water was louder than the growling of my stomach so after the guard led us to the receiving hall, I was preparing my swimsuit to wear on.

A golf cart transported us to the reception area of Luljetta's. It's important to keep the receipt of your deposit slip because this will be asked at the reception. After presenting our slip we were given a pass bracelet and proceeded to the locker room on the lower ground.

Cafe area

A key to the locker to keep things and valuables during the trip is provided for each booking. This includes a holistic basket of towel and a bathrobe for each guest. The shower room has shampoo and soap provided so there's nothing to worry should you forget to bring one.

I was so eager to dip into the pool that I changed outfit immediately. I chose the infinity pool to dive in first because it was still not crowded and I had the whole area for snapping mementos. I love this area too because it directly overlooks the stunning vista and skyline. Plenty of time to have some privacy of my thoughts.

Along the hanging terraces are meditation lounges where you can even sleep if you want to. The lounges are complete with Asian ornaments like dropping curtains and soothing sounds to dose your mind to seclusion. 

A jug of water soaked with lemon is available in every outdoor lounge. It has tea cup also within the place. So no worry if you're thirsty you can always reach for a cup of lemon water anywhere in the garden.

We took our free suman snacks at 2PM after my swimming pool moment. Then had our body massage at 2:45PM. It was a great weekend escape, a holistic trip where silence and serenity at its best. Definitely worth a visit. 

The duration for each day trip is five hours. The morning trip is scheduled at 8AM to 1Pm, the afternoon trip at 12Noon to 5PM and the evening tour is at 4PM to 9PM. The package includes a snacks of Antipolo's best suman with mango and a glass of ginger iced tea.

How To Get There

From Farmers Plaza in Cubao, look for a van going to Antipolo simbahan. Travel time is only one hour. Disembarked at the cathedral and look for tricycle going to Loreland Farm Resort. Travel time is less than 20 minutes.

Expenses Per Head in Php 
  1. Day trip payment - 1,150.00
  2. Transportation van to Antipolo - 50.00
  3. Tricycle going to Loreland - 40.00
  4. Head and body massage - 580.00 for 30 minutes, if you opt for one hour body massage, the rate is 750.00
  5. Dinner at Verde restaurant within Loreland Farm Resort - 200.00
  6. Tricycle going to Robinson in Antipolo - 50.00
  7. Grab ride back home - 375.00/2