When we think of museum, a myriad of historical artworks and some serious artifacts often crossed in our minds. That's our normal concept of a museum after all.

We associate museum to consequential pieces of history and gallery of confusing, monumental objects that draw our consciousness back to colorful past. So much so that a sojourn to this place sounds like a tedious prospect. A boring endeavor.

But that was before. This museum destination is a bit different. Though not entirely strange, but the artifacts will confront your senses. Thought-provoking, and will make you think deeper beyond the works of art. It speaks volume that touches your soul.

Inside the museum

Last weekend, when my two colleagues, Aya and Reyn, agreed to escape to Antipolo to relax, we decided to drop by at Pinto Art Museum.

I have heard so much about this place and how exciting the environment. And how unique the art collection. Indeed! it was very different from the concept of a regular museum.

Atmosphere is just so cool! Refreshing and calm. So much silence in the environment. It has a beautiful Mediterranean garden filled with tropical plants and flowers. I love all those pinkish blooms!

Pinto Art Museum is a hidden oasis of calmness and tranquility in the Rizal province that defies this concept of a boring museum affair. It is in fact a place to relax and unwind after a busy day. 

It has two restaurants, an outdoor and indoor, both served sumptuous dishes. The garden is a huge place to chill, with so many spots to choose. 

Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines reinvented the concept of a traditional "museum", transcending beyond a repository of historical relics good only for educational field trips, but a haven of learning, peace and relaxation. 

It showcases contemporary and classic artworks and integrates the idea of serenity through its massive gardens and Mediterranean buildings.

Pinto is a Filipino word for "door", which is how the art masterpieces are classified. Arts are being housed in the clusters of buildings designed under the Mediterranean architecture. 

Filipino culture is also given an emphasis through the works of local artists on display and the regional products of fabrics and handwoven pieces. 

The outdoor garden, reminiscent to a countryside European homey garden, has a very relaxing scenery, spruced up with greenery from the meadows and blooms in season. It has sculptures everywhere, and beds with white linen and table sets in cast iron are installed in the gardens. 

The museum has a chapel, a place to meditate and wander, two restaurants, baggage room and a swimming pool. I am uncertain if this pool is still operational, but this place was formerly known as Silangan Gardens that offers venue for events. 

Due to its calm and poetic scenery, artistic garden design, beautiful blooms, awesome outdoor view, Pinto Art Museum is also an ideal place for prenuptial photoshoot.

What made me so impressed, apart from the Mediterranean  influence in architecture, is the beautiful garden. So well-maintained and designed under an artsy European concept of a relaxing country home. I love the details, the cast iron table sets, the blooms and verdant plants and the landscape. Perfect sanctuary of peace and calmness.

Artworks are housed on each Mediterranean building surrounded with verdant greens and elements of running water. Everywhere is quietness. As though the world stood still. Paintings might be hard to appreciate, but the surrounding is so incredibly awesome!

Pinto is a Filipino word for "door" which describes the whole concept of the museum. Each artwork category is housed on each "door", which I believed a hyperbole for "building". One would immerse deep into the message behind the images to understand the art better.

My visit to the museum with two friends, Reyn and Aya, last weekend was a good breather from a sordid life in the city where noise is as irritating as the traffic. It was a very relaxing weekend retreat. We're able to bond at the garden, relished the moment of silence and fun and enjoyed the calm scenery.

The museum has two restaurants, serving a plethora of Filipino and international dishes, with a choice of an outdoor or indoor meal service. However, we haven't tried the dishes since items in the menu seemed quite pricey. We spent our lunch instead at the Robinsons place in the town proper.

The Art Gallery

Artworks are categorized based on its classification and representation. A mixture of classic and contemporary artworks of local artists.

Address and Entrance Fees

Pinto Art Museum is located inside the subdivision in Antipolo City. At #1 Sierra Madre St., Grandheights Subdivision. Opens from Tuesday to Sunday at 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

  1. Adult: Php200.00
  2. Senior citizen, PWD: Php180.00, Students: Php100.00
  3. Prenuptial photo shoot ranges from Php8,000.00 to Php15,000.00
  4. Students must bring a school identification card for validity.

How To Get There

The easiest and most affordable way to travel to Antipolo City is through a jeepney ride. Just go to Araneta, Cubao and walk to Telus. At the back is a jeepney terminal bound for Rizal province. Look for Antipolo-Sumulong route. Fare is Php54.00 and one hour of travel from Cubao.

Upon disembarking near the church, look for a tricycle that would take you to the museum. Transportation fee is Php60.00 for 3 persons. You have the option to take a UV express ride in Cubao or in near SM megamall if you find a jeepney commute a bit of a hassle.

Important Reminders
  1. Pets are not allowed in the complex.
  2. Weekend can get crowded so plan your visit ahead, perhaps on weekdays.
  3. Ideal time of visit is in the afternoon when the atmosphere is cool.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing as art galleries are not air-conditioned.
  5. Bring something to dehydrate you.
  6. Pack bags are not allowed to be carried inside the complex, only sling bags and purse. But there's a baggage counter to keep your bags safe.
  7. Turn off the flash of your camera when you take photos inside the museum.
  8. Don't expect too much about the museum, artworks are simple paintings and murals, others might even confuse you but it's worth the visit.