I Wish I Have Travel Photos in 2020 That Are Not Throwback

It's the last day of August for the year 2020. And just like that?! 

Without even feeling truly alive this year? The last time I felt human and carefree was in March. It's crazy to think it's been eight months since then. 

Tomorrow begins the BER months. And in the Philippines, it starts to smell like Christmas. Yes, you read it right, Christmas holiday is just around the corner. Ugh! 

With the threat of coronavirus infection is still out there, it's still a distant phenomenon if we could ever trulyfeel the joy of the holiday season.

The year 2020 might just a time lapse. It will just slip away without anything remarkable to remember other than the moments of home isolation and the never-ending quarantine period that starts to sound like eternity.

Luljetta's Hanging Garden and Spa resort

Imagine, how long we've been home quarantining this year? It feels like forever right?! We've spent the entire year isolating at home, exercising the new normal of wearing a face mask and face shield and spraying our hands with alcohol.

But feeling grateful of not being part of the statistics of the pandemic. I guess that's my greatest accomplishment this year. That I'm safe and sound.
Magalawa Island, Zambales

Life has gone totally awry without anything to mark other than be anxious what happens next. 

This year is something I would never want to remember though. Time has stopped and human survival is at stake.

Traveling Sounds Like a Far-flung Planet

This year, all our travel plans were stalled. Flights were aborted. Borders were closed. Deaths are everywhere and millions had lost their jobs.

Life has totally stopped rotating.

The pandemic inflicted damage to the world like a dinosaur on the loose. Everyone is not spared with its wrath. 

Countries continue to bleed with the crisis as threat of infection still mounting to an alarming level. So the months just went through like snowflakes in winter. Uneventful and gloomy.

For someone like me who started the year with exciting travel plans, the pandemic sounds like a death sentence. 

It's crazy to think that we're now more than halfway of getting off the year. With nothing eventful to reminisce other than bled in isolation. 

It is still uncertain until when we remain in this kind of situation. Perhaps, a year, perhaps two years, or more. The pandemic completely altered our lives this year and changed the way we viewed society. And the way we treated human survival.

The Adventure That Ended At Home

When the year 2019 ended, I thought the year 2020 will be my year of exhilarating adventure, a period to chase my dream in traveling and the best time to spread my wings.

I thought this will be my year capturing wonderful moments in the road, discovering new places, snapping landscapes, exploring islands, laying in the beach sand, learning how to surf against the raging waves, and watching many sunsets along the seashore.

Home Quarantining is the new lifestyle for 2020

Alas! The adventure I dreamed just confined in the four corners of the house. Taking pictures in the garden, watching days gone by while sipping coffee.

Unlike most of the world's historic disasters, COVID-19 completely took over our lives and forced many countries to shut off borders.

Our travel goals completely vanished into thin air.

Sudden Death of the Travel Industry

The travel industry, the first casualty of the pandemic, still bleeding in darkness, shrouded with uncertainties, it is still a million-dollar question if tourism could be completely safe to reopen this year considering the fact that threat of infection is still high everywhere.

So as the world of travel continues to suffer in this period of pandemic, it might take more than a year before we could make travel plans again. To be safer.

And this means, we will just be contented with travel throwback, reminiscing our most memorable adventures and road trips.

When this health crisis nightmare is over, it's great to make travel plans again because life does not stop with the pandemic, life goes on. It has to move on. It is not meant to live in one corner. It should be explored. It should be discovered. 

Travel Throwback

For travel bloggers, this year sounds more than a nightmare. A disastrous event. An idea of adventure that ended in catastrophe.

Bayanan beach in Puerto Galera

I am forced now to just reminisce all my memorable trips, all the wonders I experienced of exploring other places, the beach trips I took, and the moments on the road.

And while the world still anxiously waiting for an approved vaccine to quell covid-19, I will just have to go through my travel photos and remember those happy trips I took and wish that one day, everything will finally go back to normal, without wearing a face mask, without wearing face shield and without undergoing social distancing.

I wish to see another bright day in another place. I wish I could chase waves again, lay in the beach sand and feel the warm morning sunshine. 

I wish I could still pursue my dream in landscape photography. I wish I could travel again.

Kanaway beach, Jomalig Island 

This year made me feel totally helpless, totally anxious. I wish none of these happened in my lifetime, but then again it happened. Perhaps, to give us a hard lesson how to value life in this world. 

Hopefully this crisis will be over soon. I cannot wait to travel again. And embark into an exciting adventure.

I am thinking of going local. Our local tourism industry needs to recover from this terrible nightmare. So perhaps going anywhere in the country is the best thing to do.

Target Travel Destinations

Philippines boasts so many beautiful spots to explore. And when traveling is safe again, and government restrictions on movements will ease, I would love to explore local spots.

I wish to go to Palawan, this province has so many stunning white beaches. Bohol is also in my bucket list, especially Panglao, known for its gorgeous sun-kissed beach sand. It's a scenic Philippine province with unique regional culture to discover.

San Vicente beach in Palawan
Panglao, Bohol

Other beach destinations I want to explore locally are Bantayan island in Cebu! So calm and relaxing and the beaches are similar to those in Boracay, sugary white, powdery, and with sparkling blue water.
Bantayan Island, Cebu

La Union beaches have been in my mind since the beginning of the year, in fact we're supposed to spend summer but it was already lockdown.

Traveling Solo

It's been years that I am thinking of taking a trip elsewhere solo but haven't got a chance to do it, perhaps when travel restrictions ease, it's high time to push this plan.

And where would I go? 😁

Magalawa, Zambales, January 2019

I am thinking of going back to White beach, Puerto Galera, the last beach trip I took in 2019, two months before the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

Puerto Galera has beautiful beaches, a scenic atmosphere, spacious beach side, cheaper accommodation, ideal for solo travelers.

White beach, Puerto Galera

I am thinking also of traveling back home. Surigao del sur, my home province has so many stunning beaches and nature resorts.  Although we're very far from Siargao, which is already in the north of the Surigao province.

My home province boasts so many spots full of natural wonders, Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig city is one, and Britania, a cluster of many islands, is an exciting destination, just 30 minutes from our home town.

Tinuy-An falls, Bislig City, Surigao del sur
Enchanted River, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

So many travel plans to get busy while waiting for the year to bid goodbye so that the world can move on to another chapter, so many trips to map, so many dreams of adventure to reconstruct. 

For now, I'll just be contented reminiscing my fun days on the road, soak in happy memories through my travel photos.

Aquaria beach, Calatagan, Batangas 

While the world is scrambling to find an effective cure for the coronavirus, I am hoping traveling can still rise to life once again.

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