How things going on for everyone at this trying time? I know it's mentally exhausting already and we are on the brink of losing our cool.

In the Philippines, everything is pretty irritating. We've been locked up for nearly two months. We can't still go to work because community quarantine has been intensified and extended. The uncomfortable situation made even worst by the hot weather.

But everyone needs to stay sane and calm. So I am viewing the circumstances brought by the crisis as an opportunity to indulge in hobbies and writing, cultivating new passion like watching royal documentaries. And developing new skills, like video editing.

However, it's unavoidable to never feel anxious in a day, it is pretty normal anyway according to psychologists because humans are socially-inclined creatures not meant to be isolated at home.

So if there's anything worst to grasp in this time of pandemic, apart from deaths, it's the reality of being trapped at home, feeling helpless.

But this is the new normal we need to accept while the world is still scrambling to find a cure for the dreaded disease. The pandemic already made our lives turned upside down, making traveling a dead escape.

The timing is terrible since it is already summer in most tropical countries. The blistering weather that filtered through the living room already feels like hell.

So how's travel blogging in this time of pandemic?

Actually, it's a bit hard to blog about travel and summer destinations when we cannot really travel. It's pretty exhausting to think of any topic to post. And it gets even harder when you don't feel like writing. Basicially, blogging is about story telling. It is all about writing and sharing stories.

It's pretty easy for lifestyle vloggers because the main task is just to edit travel videos and post it in the social media, but in blogging one needs to rake the brain to squeeze out ideas what to write and post.

So this is a challenging period for most travel bloggers. There are social media pages and websites need to be updated despite the lockdown.

So here, I am crafting several travel blogging hacks to do while home quarantined. I am applying these techniques now and my website is pretty active. Just be creative in content creation.
Travel blogging hacks to adopt while home quarantined
1. Writing Featured Stories

This is one of the easiest content creation techniques to do during lockdown. Writing featured stories is like crafting a descriptive narrative in your autobiography. Just choose a specific topic to write, something you feel most interested. And something that perks up interest and excitement from readers.

Tons of topics to choose about beautiful places, travel destinations and food adventures to explore, Just utilize online resources. I have written several featured stories about stunning holiday destinations and food trips around the world since the lockdown and I have a great time doing the research.  
It's really a hard work but very fulfilling. You guys just need to be resourceful and resilient. Be specific which topics to delve on and you are on the go with this travel blogging hack. It is pretty easy actually to select a topic if you love traveling, eating and planning things ahead of the adventure.

2. Creating Video Clips

This is one of my favorite hacks in content creation for our YouTube channel, GOURMAND TRAVEL GUIDE, because I love editing video clips, it's a fulfilling pastime, so this is a great content creation technique while staying at home.

There are two ways producing video clips for past travels. It’s either, compiling a video slide by selecting photos from your travel albums, or creating a video compilation of your most memorable trips by getting clips from your previously uploaded travel videos.

I have done quite a few video clips out of my previous travel experiences, and it fills the void of having not traveled in the past months, and also being able to update our Youtube channel.

To help you accomplish this task, just choose a user-friendly video editor from the apple or google play store. Choose the apps that's free. I used the pix video editor in all my video uploads because it is pretty easy to use for someone who is not techy in creating videos.

3. Recreating Past Travel Stories

This is another easiest content creation when traveling is not possible. This travel blogging hack is like tripping down memory lane to your most memorable trips. Rehashing previous travel experiences and recreating it to another unique story is so awesome, exciting and creative.

I have recreated several posts of my previous travels and made it to another story, plus I have modified some travel tips based on the latest updates of the places I have previously visited.
So many untold stories to tell from the past travels, stories that were kept behind photos because it's either we were hooked up to our daily job or simply lazy to scribble those experiences, so now is the perfect time to write it down.

4. Roundup of Favorite Destinations

You can create a new post about the places you want to revisit when the government eases its restrictions on travel. List of places you have visited in the past that trully impressed you and inspired you to make a repeat visit.

It's like hitting two birds in one stone with this content creation technique. You are reminiscing your best moments in travel, visiting those places, at the same time providing insight to readers, inspiring  them to consider those destinations for their next adventure.

You can do this technique by selecting memorable places you have visited and narrate why the destinations made it to your roundup list of beautiful places to visit.

May it be the atmosphere, the view, the accommodation or simply you have enjoyed so much that you dream of revisiting the places some other time.

5. Roundup of the Best Travel Photos You Got Somewhere

You can write featured stories in your blog about the beautiful travel photos you got elsewhere. Try to do a research about the places and tell your readers why you love the places and why they should consider the places putting it in their travel bucket list.

You will have several articles now to write in your travel blog and your social media pages can now also be updated with those stories.

Yes, speaking of pandemic, this is really a terrible period for everyone.

It's sad never to travel this long but the threat of getting infected is still very potent, so better stay at home and wait for the crisis to be over.

For travel bloggers, we are never short of ideas and stories to tell, just rehash those past travel adventures and spin it to new articles or search for best travel destinations in the world and write a feature story.
Until next travel blogging hacks, stay safe everyone!

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