OMG! Packing is boring! 

Don't worry, we are on the same track. Let's admit it, one of the most challenging parts of preparing for a travel adventure is packing our things and thinking what to pack.

Sometimes, it can wear us down, thinking what essentials to bring, how many outfit to carry, and squeezing everything on a bag.

Travel is the best escape!

Yes, it's just that packing things can be boring and daunting. We're less tolerant of the chaos associated with packing travel essentials.

We all love traveling, the joy of being on a trip is ultra relieving. But as much we love the prospect of adventure, the idea of packing drains our day. 

What will be the tip?

When I am off to an adventure, I always prepare my things based on the length of my travel. 

To maximize the space of my bag and to avoid bringing too many clothes, I usually list down what to wear everyday during my travel. 

I also list down the things I want to bring/buy while preparing my travel itinerary so that I won't miss anything.

I always carry one backpack and one sling bag during my travel

So here, for the benefit of everybody, not just for budget travelers, I gathered tips and guide how to pack smart for your next travel adventure.

How to Pack Smart:

1. Determine your destination - Before anything else, you should know your specific destination to determine exactly what things to pack. Are you off to the beach? To the mountain? To a city tour? Identifying your destination is very necessary because each type of travel adventure demands a specific clothing.
  • Beach - Hat, sunblock, sun glass, moisturizer, shorts, sleeveless, swimwear, flipflops, towelette
  • City tour - Light jeans, leggings, shorts, T-shirts, sleeveless, flat shoes or slipper, sunblock
  • Nature tripping - Cap, sunblock, sun glass, moisturizer, shorts, sleeveless, comfortable shoes, towelette, cargo pants, knit sweater
2. Prepare a practical itinerary - Every traveler should prepare a basic travel itinerary. This is a must especially if you are embarking into a do-it-yourself budget travel. Personally, I always prepare my own travel itinerary because I am not comfortable with tour packages and travel agents services. I usually embark into a DIY budget travel.

Here's how to do a practical travel itinerary:
  • Decide on your destination and be specific
  • Check online tips for that particular destination
  • Prepare a spreadsheet for this travel, separate the items into column: Date and Time, Transportation, Destination, Cost and Expenses, etcetera.
  • Accomplish each column with the necessary items. 
  • For the cost and expenses, put the estimated amount if you have no idea with the specific cost.
  • Print this itinerary and bring with you.
3. Make a list of what to bring/pack
In a separate tab of your itinerary spreadsheet, list what to bring/pack. If you are going to buy toiletries list it here. For budget travelers, here are the most basic things to prepare:
  • Sunblock - This is the most basic skincare
  • Small plastic box or transparent pouch - For your toiletries, medication, electronic gadgets
  • Sun glass - Another necessary thing especially during sunny weather.
  • Light clothes - Unless you are not taking a business trip, bringing pants and long sleeves might not be a magnificent idea. Try to bring T-shirts, sleeveless, leggings, shorts and soft skirts (for women of course) instead
  • A pair of slipper if necessary.
  • A small notebook and pen to record necessary expenses or destinations
  • A sling bag - to secure your wallet, cellphone, passport, tickets and other travel documents.
4. Choose Your Luggage
The size of your bag depends on where you are going to go for your adventure. Choose sensibly what type of bag you should bring. Usually, I only bring one backpack for my travel even the destination is out-of-the-country.
  • Backpack - Ideal for budget travelers and those adventure junkies who are off to the beach, to remote destinations and to do some nature-tripping. This is my favorite, because I can move around comfortably and no additional cost for check-in bags. I only travel light and just bring practical things, light clothes and toiletries.
  • Light traveling bag - Hand bags which cannot be categorized as backpack. At least two traveling bags are enough to pack your things.
  • Rolling bag - This is just ideal for travelers who are on a business trip but for adventurers this sounds so absurd because it is a bit heavy and looks very uncomfortable when you are constantly moving to a different area.
5. Maximize the Space in your Bag
Every adventurer know how to maximize the space in the bag. 
  • Choose light clothes when traveling, fold these clothes tightly or if you bring pants and shorts, roll these up then put at the bottom of the bag. 
  • Maximize the edges of your bag by stuffing small items like socks, scarves or small towel.
  • Prepare a small, flat plastic box where you can put your shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, put this box together with your toothbrush and toothpaste in the pocket of your bag.
6. Ideal Time to Pack
By the time you decide to pack, you have already prepared your itinerary, try to squeeze everything in your bag, as much as possible avoid bringing more than two bags. If you are a budget traveler, definitely, you don't want to have a check-in bag, a backpack is necessary then. 

The best time to pack is three days before your travel schedule so that you still have time to edit and recheck your list. Revisit your list and check your bag a day before the travel.

7. Bring something to eat and drink
This is my best suggestion! During your travel, you never know what will happen along the way, sometimes problems will pop up, like delayed flight, no restaurants along the road or worst, you don't like the food on display. Bringing something to eat is really necessary. If your travel is just nearby or if you are just taking a road trip, always bring a bottle of water.
  • Biscuits
  • Hopia or any small bread varieties
  • Oatmeal/Cereal drinks sachets
  • Milo/Milk/Coffee sachets
  • Candies
8. Avoid bringing unnecessary things
Don't crowd your bag with unnecessary things like large size containers, too many clothes, thick towel, big shoes. The following items are not necessary emergency things to pack in your bag:
  • Laptop - As long as you are not going somewhere for a business trip, bringing laptop is not necessary.
  • Big size lotions, shampoo, conditioner - Try to put these items in small containers and put in a pouch or travel-size boxes.
  • Thick towel - For sure, if you are staying in a hotel, bath towel is part of the accommodation.
  • Too many clothes - To avoid bringing several clothes that might not be used, list down the clothes you have to wear everyday, This is what I always did during my travel. For example, Day 1: Wear short and sleeveless, Day 2: Wear short and T-shirt, etcetera. Make sure the clothes you bring correspond the number of days of your travel.
  • Thick Jacket/Cardigan - Try to bring soft shawl or scarf instead
9. Consider the Season
When packing your things for your travel, it is necessary also to consider the season of the place you are visiting. Bring appropriate clothes according to the timing of the season, this is to avoid incurring additional cost during your travel for a rush shopping and avoid bringing unnecessary clothes and accessories.

10. Revisit your itinerary and Check online sources
Two days before your travel, revisit your itinerary, check your list and the things you should bring, if possible edit the list according to the needs of your travel. Check online sources also for a last-minute tip when visiting a new place.

Packing for the adventure can be hassle-free if we do it smartly. Goodluck on your next trip and happy packing!