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Friday, February 19, 2021

A Travel Hack: 10 Smart Tips How To Pack Bag For Your Next Travel Adventure

February 19, 2021 0

 OMG! Packing is boring! 

Don't worry, we are on the same track. Let's admit it, one of the most challenging parts of preparing for a travel adventure is packing our things and thinking what to pack.

Sometimes, it can wear us down, thinking what essentials to bring, how many outfit to carry, and squeezing everything on a bag.

Travel is the best escape!

Yes, it's just that packing things can be boring and daunting. We're less tolerant of the chaos associated with packing travel essentials.

We all love traveling, the joy of being on a trip is ultra relieving. But as much we love the prospect of adventure, the idea of packing drains our day. 

What will be the tip?

When I am off to an adventure, I always prepare my things based on the length of my travel. 

To maximize the space of my bag and to avoid bringing too many clothes, I usually list down what to wear everyday during my travel. 

I also list down the things I want to bring/buy while preparing my travel itinerary so that I won't miss anything.

I always carry one backpack and one sling bag during my travel

So here, for the benefit of everybody, not just for budget travelers, I gathered tips and guide how to pack smart for your next travel adventure.

How to Pack Smart:

1. Determine your destination - Before anything else, you should know your specific destination to determine exactly what things to pack. Are you off to the beach? To the mountain? To a city tour? Identifying your destination is very necessary because each type of travel adventure demands a specific clothing.
  • Beach - Hat, sunblock, sun glass, moisturizer, shorts, sleeveless, swimwear, flipflops, towelette
  • City tour - Light jeans, leggings, shorts, T-shirts, sleeveless, flat shoes or slipper, sunblock
  • Nature tripping - Cap, sunblock, sun glass, moisturizer, shorts, sleeveless, comfortable shoes, towelette, cargo pants, knit sweater
2. Prepare a practical itinerary - Every traveler should prepare a basic travel itinerary. This is a must especially if you are embarking into a do-it-yourself budget travel. Personally, I always prepare my own travel itinerary because I am not comfortable with tour packages and travel agents services. I usually embark into a DIY budget travel.

Here's how to do a practical travel itinerary:
  • Decide on your destination and be specific
  • Check online tips for that particular destination
  • Prepare a spreadsheet for this travel, separate the items into column: Date and Time, Transportation, Destination, Cost and Expenses, etcetera.
  • Accomplish each column with the necessary items. 
  • For the cost and expenses, put the estimated amount if you have no idea with the specific cost.
  • Print this itinerary and bring with you.
3. Make a list of what to bring/pack
In a separate tab of your itinerary spreadsheet, list what to bring/pack. If you are going to buy toiletries list it here. For budget travelers, here are the most basic things to prepare:
  • Sunblock - This is the most basic skincare
  • Small plastic box or transparent pouch - For your toiletries, medication, electronic gadgets
  • Sun glass - Another necessary thing especially during sunny weather.
  • Light clothes - Unless you are not taking a business trip, bringing pants and long sleeves might not be a magnificent idea. Try to bring T-shirts, sleeveless, leggings, shorts and soft skirts (for women of course) instead
  • A pair of slipper if necessary.
  • A small notebook and pen to record necessary expenses or destinations
  • A sling bag - to secure your wallet, cellphone, passport, tickets and other travel documents.
4. Choose Your Luggage
The size of your bag depends on where you are going to go for your adventure. Choose sensibly what type of bag you should bring. Usually, I only bring one backpack for my travel even the destination is out-of-the-country.
  • Backpack - Ideal for budget travelers and those adventure junkies who are off to the beach, to remote destinations and to do some nature-tripping. This is my favorite, because I can move around comfortably and no additional cost for check-in bags. I only travel light and just bring practical things, light clothes and toiletries.
  • Light traveling bag - Hand bags which cannot be categorized as backpack. At least two traveling bags are enough to pack your things.
  • Rolling bag - This is just ideal for travelers who are on a business trip but for adventurers this sounds so absurd because it is a bit heavy and looks very uncomfortable when you are constantly moving to a different area.
5. Maximize the Space in your Bag
Every adventurer know how to maximize the space in the bag. 
  • Choose light clothes when traveling, fold these clothes tightly or if you bring pants and shorts, roll these up then put at the bottom of the bag. 
  • Maximize the edges of your bag by stuffing small items like socks, scarves or small towel.
  • Prepare a small, flat plastic box where you can put your shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, put this box together with your toothbrush and toothpaste in the pocket of your bag.
6. Ideal Time to Pack
By the time you decide to pack, you have already prepared your itinerary, try to squeeze everything in your bag, as much as possible avoid bringing more than two bags. If you are a budget traveler, definitely, you don't want to have a check-in bag, a backpack is necessary then. 

The best time to pack is three days before your travel schedule so that you still have time to edit and recheck your list. Revisit your list and check your bag a day before the travel.

7. Bring something to eat and drink
This is my best suggestion! During your travel, you never know what will happen along the way, sometimes problems will pop up, like delayed flight, no restaurants along the road or worst, you don't like the food on display. Bringing something to eat is really necessary. If your travel is just nearby or if you are just taking a road trip, always bring a bottle of water.
  • Biscuits
  • Hopia or any small bread varieties
  • Oatmeal/Cereal drinks sachets
  • Milo/Milk/Coffee sachets
  • Candies
8. Avoid bringing unnecessary things
Don't crowd your bag with unnecessary things like large size containers, too many clothes, thick towel, big shoes. The following items are not necessary emergency things to pack in your bag:
  • Laptop - As long as you are not going somewhere for a business trip, bringing laptop is not necessary.
  • Big size lotions, shampoo, conditioner - Try to put these items in small containers and put in a pouch or travel-size boxes.
  • Thick towel - For sure, if you are staying in a hotel, bath towel is part of the accommodation.
  • Too many clothes - To avoid bringing several clothes that might not be used, list down the clothes you have to wear everyday, This is what I always did during my travel. For example, Day 1: Wear short and sleeveless, Day 2: Wear short and T-shirt, etcetera. Make sure the clothes you bring correspond the number of days of your travel.
  • Thick Jacket/Cardigan - Try to bring soft shawl or scarf instead
9. Consider the Season
When packing your things for your travel, it is necessary also to consider the season of the place you are visiting. Bring appropriate clothes according to the timing of the season, this is to avoid incurring additional cost during your travel for a rush shopping and avoid bringing unnecessary clothes and accessories.

10. Revisit your itinerary and Check online sources
Two days before your travel, revisit your itinerary, check your list and the things you should bring, if possible edit the list according to the needs of your travel. Check online sources also for a last-minute tip when visiting a new place.

Packing for the adventure can be hassle-free if we do it smartly. Goodluck on your next trip and happy packing!

Friday, May 22, 2020

How's Travel Blogging in the Time of Pandemic When You Cannot Travel? Here's Some Hacks

May 22, 2020 0

How things going on for everyone at this trying time? I know it's mentally exhausting already and we are on the brink of losing our cool.

In the Philippines, everything is pretty irritating. We've been locked up for nearly two months. We can't still go to work because community quarantine has been intensified and extended. The uncomfortable situation made even worst by the hot weather.

But everyone needs to stay sane and calm. So I am viewing the circumstances brought by the crisis as an opportunity to indulge in hobbies and writing, cultivating new passion like watching royal documentaries. And developing new skills, like video editing.

However, it's unavoidable to never feel anxious in a day, it is pretty normal anyway according to psychologists because humans are socially-inclined creatures not meant to be isolated at home.

So if there's anything worst to grasp in this time of pandemic, apart from deaths, it's the reality of being trapped at home, feeling helpless.

But this is the new normal we need to accept while the world is still scrambling to find a cure for the dreaded disease. The pandemic already made our lives turned upside down, making traveling a dead escape.

The timing is terrible since it is already summer in most tropical countries. The blistering weather that filtered through the living room already feels like hell.

So how's travel blogging in this time of pandemic?

Actually, it's a bit hard to blog about travel and summer destinations when we cannot really travel. It's pretty exhausting to think of any topic to post. And it gets even harder when you don't feel like writing. Basicially, blogging is about story telling. It is all about writing and sharing stories.

It's pretty easy for lifestyle vloggers because the main task is just to edit travel videos and post it in the social media, but in blogging one needs to rake the brain to squeeze out ideas what to write and post.

So this is a challenging period for most travel bloggers. There are social media pages and websites need to be updated despite the lockdown.

So here, I am crafting several travel blogging hacks to do while home quarantined. I am applying these techniques now and my website is pretty active. Just be creative in content creation.
Travel blogging hacks to adopt while home quarantined
1. Writing Featured Stories

This is one of the easiest content creation techniques to do during lockdown. Writing featured stories is like crafting a descriptive narrative in your autobiography. Just choose a specific topic to write, something you feel most interested. And something that perks up interest and excitement from readers.

Tons of topics to choose about beautiful places, travel destinations and food adventures to explore, Just utilize online resources. I have written several featured stories about stunning holiday destinations and food trips around the world since the lockdown and I have a great time doing the research.  
It's really a hard work but very fulfilling. You guys just need to be resourceful and resilient. Be specific which topics to delve on and you are on the go with this travel blogging hack. It is pretty easy actually to select a topic if you love traveling, eating and planning things ahead of the adventure.

2. Creating Video Clips

This is one of my favorite hacks in content creation for our YouTube channel, GOURMAND TRAVEL GUIDE, because I love editing video clips, it's a fulfilling pastime, so this is a great content creation technique while staying at home.

There are two ways producing video clips for past travels. It’s either, compiling a video slide by selecting photos from your travel albums, or creating a video compilation of your most memorable trips by getting clips from your previously uploaded travel videos.

I have done quite a few video clips out of my previous travel experiences, and it fills the void of having not traveled in the past months, and also being able to update our Youtube channel.

To help you accomplish this task, just choose a user-friendly video editor from the apple or google play store. Choose the apps that's free. I used the pix video editor in all my video uploads because it is pretty easy to use for someone who is not techy in creating videos.

3. Recreating Past Travel Stories

This is another easiest content creation when traveling is not possible. This travel blogging hack is like tripping down memory lane to your most memorable trips. Rehashing previous travel experiences and recreating it to another unique story is so awesome, exciting and creative.

I have recreated several posts of my previous travels and made it to another story, plus I have modified some travel tips based on the latest updates of the places I have previously visited.
So many untold stories to tell from the past travels, stories that were kept behind photos because it's either we were hooked up to our daily job or simply lazy to scribble those experiences, so now is the perfect time to write it down.

4. Roundup of Favorite Destinations

You can create a new post about the places you want to revisit when the government eases its restrictions on travel. List of places you have visited in the past that trully impressed you and inspired you to make a repeat visit.

It's like hitting two birds in one stone with this content creation technique. You are reminiscing your best moments in travel, visiting those places, at the same time providing insight to readers, inspiring  them to consider those destinations for their next adventure.

You can do this technique by selecting memorable places you have visited and narrate why the destinations made it to your roundup list of beautiful places to visit.

May it be the atmosphere, the view, the accommodation or simply you have enjoyed so much that you dream of revisiting the places some other time.

5. Roundup of the Best Travel Photos You Got Somewhere

You can write featured stories in your blog about the beautiful travel photos you got elsewhere. Try to do a research about the places and tell your readers why you love the places and why they should consider the places putting it in their travel bucket list.

You will have several articles now to write in your travel blog and your social media pages can now also be updated with those stories.

Yes, speaking of pandemic, this is really a terrible period for everyone.

It's sad never to travel this long but the threat of getting infected is still very potent, so better stay at home and wait for the crisis to be over.

For travel bloggers, we are never short of ideas and stories to tell, just rehash those past travel adventures and spin it to new articles or search for best travel destinations in the world and write a feature story.
Until next travel blogging hacks, stay safe everyone!

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Monday, January 29, 2018

How to Create a DIY Travel Itinerary Plan

January 29, 2018 0
During our Vietnam budget trip. We just walked on foot while exploring Saigon

For budget travelers, creating a concise DIY (Do-it-yourself) travel itinerary plan is always an ideal thing to do because you are going out there without someone to assist you. But trust me, this is always fulfilling, it provides a different surge of excitement.
Creating a concise do-it-yourself budget travel itinerary is very simple, just write down the necessary items in your travel, destination, time of arrival and departure, means of transportation and attractions to visit and put an estimated amount for each.
Print your Itinerary
This is very important for DIY travelers. This serves as your guide while on the road. You will be exploring the place without contacts or tour guide, so you should have a hard copy of your itinerary.
In case you are lost or no idea where to go next and what to do, you can always refer to the list. Create a separate portion of the attractions you want to visit with a corresponding address so that you can show it to the locals.
Create a list what to bring
When creating a list what to bring, consider the season of your travel and the destination. Season is a big factor when preparing what type of clothes to wear and the accessories to bring.
Make sure you only bring enough outfit that can be worn during the trip to avoid stuffing your bag with unnecessary things. Personally, I always prepare outfit based on the number of days of my travel.
Pack Light and Smart
If you are traveling for less than 15 days, avoid overcrowding your bag with excessive accessories and unnecessary gadgets. In this sense, you don't need to have a check-in bag. Budget travelers and backpackers don’t actually have check-in bags. So pack light and carry up to two bags only.
Bring light clothes such as cotton-based T-shirts, sleeveless, leggings, shorts, scarf instead of sweatshirt.
Choose the right luggage
Not unless you are going out there for a business trip or taking a one month adventure, carrying an over-sized luggage is very impractical.
It will not only drain your energy walking or moving around with a heavy luggage but it also poses an added cost to your expenses as you might put this as a check-in bag. To be more practical, choose a light bag that can be hand carried in the plane.
Budget travelers usually carry backpacks, duffel bags or anything light. Backpacks and duffel bags are easier to carry than the rolling bags. Maximize the space inside your bag by putting things in the right place. Roll up pants, shirts, shorts cargo and square pants and place it at the bottom.
Fill small spaces with light things like undies, shawl, towelette and pack of candies. Put toiletries in the pocket of backpack and biscuits in another pocket. Secure your valuables like wallet, passport, cellphone, camera in the sling bag. 
Do not Cheat with your budget plan
To avoid cheating your budget plan, bring a copy of your budget list and check the amount allotted for each item and activity from time to time.
As a budget traveler in a DIY plan, you are exploring the place on your own. You will find fabulous things along the way, tempting souvenir items, nice clothes, attractive accessories and trendy restos.  The danger of overshooting your budget plan is probable. But don’t cheat.
Don’t get overwhelmed with your adventure. Despite being there to relax and experience the thrill of a liberating life, don't forget that you're traveling on a budget. Be conscious with your budget plan and always check the amount you have set for each activity.
If you get overboard with the admission and transportation fees due to unforeseen or sudden changes of rates or had overshoot your dining because you cannot resist that sumptuous local cuisine, make adjustment with your expenses on other items to stick with the budget.
You can cut back on your spending the next day, choose attractions that have cheaper admission fees. If you are visiting attractions on short distances, choose to walk around instead of riding. Exploring the new place by foot is one of the most exciting parts of traveling.
Or you may cut back on your shopping activities. Check high quality local items to be bought and refrain from buying souvenirs or accessories that can be found in your home country, these can be put off and can be bought in the future.
You can avoid cheating on your budget plan by putting a limit on each item. During your travel, always check your list and see if you are still within the parameter of your budget or already overspending, make necessary adjustment in  case of overspending.


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