I'm so thrilled to be back on the road traveling again after almost three years! OMG 😀 My last travel outside Metro Manila was in November 2019 (Puerto Galera).

I'll be in Tagaytay next weekend, and plan to go to La Union in the last week of June or in the middle of July for a beach trip! Checking the entry requirements of these destinations is a must during this challenging time.

In La Union, walk-in is not yet allowed. Visitors need to have a hotel booking in advance before they can enter the province. And it's not just any hotel or tour operator, it should be a DOT-Accredited establishment.

Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa. Image credit: Guide to the Philippines

La Union Travel Requirements in 2022

La Union is under Alert level 1 of the COVID-19 Government regulations, just like the National Capital Region. Alert level 1 is a more relaxed classification, but commuters/tourists still need to observe health protocol and follow certain requirements.

For Tourists Coming from areas under Alert levels 1 and 2

  1. Secure a NAPANAM QR Code (check below info) - NAPANAM is a centralized COVID-19 contact tracing system implemented in the Province of La Union. It means "Where have you been" in Ilocano.
  2. Government-issued ID
  3. If fully vaccinated - Vaccination Card
  4. If unvaccinated - Negative RT-PCR Test results, conducted within 3 days prior to the arrival.
  5. Booking Confirmation from any DOT Accredited Tour Operators or Accommodations. Check below list of hotel accommodations and operators. 

For Tourists Coming from areas under Alert levels 3 and 4
  1. Secure a NAPANAM QR Code 
  2. Government-issued ID 
  3. Negative RT-PCR Test results (whether fully vaccinated or unvaccinated), conducted within 3 days prior to the arrival.
  4. Booking Confirmation from any DOT Accredited Tour Operators or Accommodations
Take note: Visitors coming from areas under Alert level 5 are not yet allowed to enter the Province of La Union unless for emergency purposes.

How To Get a NAPANAM QR Code?

Tourists going to La Union province should register their visit at least three days before the scheduled entry. La Union only allows 3,000 tourists to enter the province each day. You will use this QR code each time you enter an establishment in La Union during your visit. 

Here's how to register:
  • Visit the NAPANAM website HERE
  • Click Tourists (in the right part of the page. See image above)
  • Click Register and enter your personal details. You will be given a NAPANAM ID number. Take a screenshot of this ID number.
  • Register your travel
  • Upload the requirements
You're Done! Save or print this QR code. BTW, NAPANAM Code is free of charge.

Awesome Hotel. Image credit: Awesome Hotel Facebook

DOT-Accredited Tour Operators and Accommodations in La Union (Check rates by clicking each name)
That's it! The process seems not super-complicated and if you are eager to explore La Union beaches this year, you need to start checking the DOT-Accredited hotels and resorts as early as now. 

I am still checking (and comparing) the rates of the above establishments. The cheaper room rates appear to be at Se-Bay Resort. Aureo and Awesome Hotels are so expensive but two of the highly recommended hotel accommodations in La Union.

Kahuna and Thunderbird room rates are like Boracay hotel accommodations haha! So expensive.

If you're going to La Union on a DIY (do-it-yourself) trip, and want to travel by bus, Partas bus is highly recommended by most travelers.

It has a direct trip from Cubao, Quezon City to Sebay, San Fernando, and San Juan, La Union. Travel rate is Php596. Travel time takes four hours, depending on the traffic situation. 

Inside Partas bus

They have four departure schedules, from Cubao to La Union): 1:15AM and 6:00AM., from Pasay to La Union: 12:15AM and 5:00AM.

Partas bus terminal in Cubao is along Aurora boulevard, Quezon City. Contact numbers: +6327249820/ +6329178193909/+639178439394. Email: partas.customerservice@gmail.com.