Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay

We booked our one night stay at Wind Residences Tower 5 (17th floor) on September 17, 2022, and from the veranda, a sweeping view of the Tagaytay valley cradling the magnificent Taal Lake, greeted our sight. 

In front of Tower 5, just across the Nasugbu-Tagaytay highway, are clusters of restaurants lining up the hillside, serving local cuisine. And one of these restaurants is Dahon at Mesa, which offers an open view of Taal Lake. 

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay
View from the veranda of Tower 5 Wind Residences

It was past 2:00 in the afternoon when we had our check-in at Wind Residences due to the long queue in the reception area. And had not yet taken our lunch, so when we reached our room and stepped out of the veranda, and lobbed our sights below, we easily spotted Dahon at Mesa. 

After taking a few minutes rest, we went downstairs crossed the highway. Dahon at Mesa was just across Tower 5, so we easily reached less than 10 minutes. The cool Tagaytay afternoon helped set our mood for a relaxing afternoon meal.

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay

Dahon at Mesa has an alfresco dining, and a second floor hoisted on a huge tree. We chose the second floor area to have a great view of the Taal Lake. 

It was still 4:00 in the afternoon so the place wasn't yet filled with diners. The moment we stepped in, a soft mountain breeze swirled through, scraping off exhaustion from our nerves. 😄

This resto serve hearty Filipino cuisine, and of course Tagaytay's signature dishes, bulalo and tawilis. And so many options to choose in the menu for a hungry tummy. 

The Menu

It's a great place to spend dinner if you are coming as a group. Nonetheless, even if you're only two, it's still a wonderful choice since dishes in the menu list are affordable.

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay
Boodle Fight for 2 Php1,850.00

It has wide selections of food, from lechon belly, fried tilapia, crispy tawilis, to bulalo, vegetables, desserts, and appetizers. They also offer choices of "boodle fight" packages for a large group. And you can save a lot if you choose any of these options.

Don't worry, it's not the kind of boodle fight you have in mind where diners have to scoop food with their bare hands, and "fought" over dishes while standing around the table haha! Far from that. In fact, it's a casual sit-down serving with proper utensils. And the presentation atop the banana leaves is soooo neat! I love it 😄

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay
Refreshing cucumber lemonade

During our visit, because we were three, we chose the "Boodle Fight for 2" which comes with a regular pitcher of refreshing cucumber lemonade. Price: Php1,850.00 It has a HUGE serving! It can even be shared by four persons. 

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay
Boodle Fight for 2 package Php1,850.00
Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay

Inclusion of Boodle Fight for 2 (Php1,850.00)
  1. Crispy chicken 
  2. Lumpiang shanghai (4 pcs)
  3. Crispy tawilis (8 pcs)
  4. Lechon belly
  5. Steamed kangkong
  6. Talong ensalada
  7. Fried tilapia (large, 1 pc)
  8. One serving of bulalo
  9. Steamed kangkong
  10. Steamed crunchy okra
  11. Fried shrimps (8 pcs)
  12. One leche flan
  13. Rice (good for five persons)
Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay

Our appetite is not that huge, so this boodle fight package is just enough for the three of us. In fact, we did not finish the servings, we packed our leftover and brought to the unit. We planned to finish it at night time, but we're so tired we just left it in the ref and went to bed early. 

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay

The cool Tagaytay weather made us drowsy. Aya and I watched John Wick on Netflix, but could not get through the part 2, sleepy enough to finish the movie, and by 10:00 in the evening, we're all asleep. 

We'd a quiet evening, while anticipating an enjoyable Sunday adventure the following day. It was good because we're able to wake up early to view the amazing sunrise! 

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay
Our breakfast consisted of hotdogs, bread, coffee, and some leftover from Dahon @ Mesa
Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay 

The following morning, we just heated our Dahon at Mesa leftover for our breakfast. In addition to hotdogs and bread. I love how they prepared the food! The okra was just so perfectly done, the kangkong and talong ensalada were tastier. I also love the crispy tawilis, the fried shrimp, the lechon belly, and the bulalo. All savory, infusing the authentic Filipino flavor.

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay
Dahon at Mesa dining experience

Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay
Direct view of Taal lake

The soft breeze rolling from the valley and the incredible view of the lake made Dahon at Mesa an incredible place to hangout with friends over food and conversation. I love the ambiance, the relaxing view of nature, and the fresh air coming from the mountains. 

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Dahon at Mesa Restaurant Tagaytay
Dahon at Mesa

How to get there?

Dahon at Mesa is located just in front of SMDC Wind Residences along 105 Nasugbu-Tagaytay highway. If you are coming from Metro Manila, board a bus going to Nasugbu and get off at SMDC Wind Residences, Dahon at Mesa is just on the other side of the road. Another landmark is PrimarkMobile number: 09171908877. You can follow them on Facebook fb.com/dahonatmesa.

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