The Gingerbread House Lets You Get Lost Into the Fairytale World of Hansel and Gretel

The Gingerbread House has been on my travel bucket list since 2020 but hasn't gotten any chance of visiting Cavite until last weekend. This outdoor park is not often visited by travelers, in fact, when you talk about Tagaytay destinations, The Gingerbread House is rarely mentioned, perhaps, due to its very remote location.

Going there is a bit of a challenge! Unless you have a car or a service vehicle. For regular commuters, it's a bit punishing, you'll do the extra mile of haggling with tricycle drivers about fares. 

Inside The Gingerbread House cafe

But it's all worth it! The moment you'll enter the place, you will be treated to a feast of wonder and natural scenery. A peaceful oasis. The candy village is a kiddie park straight from Hansel and Gretel, minus the cannibalistic witch haha! 

The Gingerbread House Tagaytay

The Gingerbread House restaurant and sweets store

Yeah, stepping into The Gingerbread House felt like swaying into Hansel and Gretel's world, abandoned in the forest with a gingerbread house filled with cake and candies.

In great contrast to what the name means, it's not literally a bread house, although originally it was. Today, it is more of an outdoor park for adults and kids, and a Christmas village. Wonder is an understatement!

Live the dream is the slogan of this theme park
The Gingerbread House Tagaytay

In fact fact, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Philippines during the Christmas season because it has a gorgeous Christmas village with all the stunning ornaments of the holiday season. 

The Gingerbread House Tagaytay

It has a mini candy house, filled with all sorts of sweet treats, everywhere in the park, a cafe house, a candy bar, an amusement park for children, gingerbread sculptures, and a nature park for adults. 

Candy bar is everywhere

It has several theme spots for photo sessions: A Dream Set for weddings and pre-nuptial, a Sunflower field, a Lavender Walk, and an outdoor cafe bar on the hillside where you can chill after taking a nature walk, sip refreshments, eat nachos or cookies, and relax under the shade of nature.

A peaceful oasis

It's a great place to loosen up and let your hair down after a stressful life in the city or at work. It has a wilderness section to do some forest-bathing or shinri-yoku. There's a mini hiking trail and a winding path to do some trekking adventure. 

Quiet environment, quaint villages, a terrific view of nature with fresh air gently rustling from the trees and wilderness. Everything is so relaxing in this place, and IG worthy!

You will have this stamped in your arm to specify your chosen package

Entrance Fee:

The entrance fee is Php150 for adults, Php100 for children, and Php120 for PWD/Senior citizens. But it is advisable to just choose the package rate to have unlimited access. The package rate comes with a free drink.

Sunflower field package: Php349 with free Lemon and Yogurt drinks. You can access the candy village, ginger field, kiddie park, sunflower field, and lavender walk. You can pass by the Dream Set, which is a wedding and prenuptial corner, however, you are not allowed to sit on the beds, just for photo ops. 

Sunflower field 🌻

Lavender field package: Php349 with free Lavender drinks. You can access the same facilities/amenities as those stated in the sunflower field package. 

The staff will give you an instruction on what to do and how to avail the drinks. Each spot in the field has someone to assist the visitors.

Our drinks: lemon and yogurt, lavender drinks

During our visit, we passed along the bridge, into the nature trail, and directed to the hillside, the farthest corner of the park, to get our drinks. It's a winding path strolling up the hill. Like you're taking a trail hike into a small mountain. Awesome! 

The bridge leading to the nature trail

Here's what to expect:

The Candy Village and Candy Hall

This area appears to be more like an amusement park for children with all the colorful spots and yummy arts. As though you're lost in the forest surrounded by candies and other sweet treats. Feels like stepping into the world of Hansel and Gretel without a cannibalistic witch! lol.

The Candy Land village has different spots of sweets arts such as candies, donuts, ice cream, popsicles, and gingerbread among others. Kids will truly enjoy this village. But we had fun too! There's a rainbow world section filled with sweet treats but it has a separate entrance fee.

The Christmas Village

The Gingerbread House is a great place to visit during Christmas season. They have a Christmas village installed during the holidays. And as the most wonderful time of the year getting nearer, the whole area is now "beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go" 😂

Christmas decors within the Candy Hall

Just over the weekend during our visit, they began decorating the candy hall with Christmas ornaments. And blasting Christmas songs in the air. It's just so beautiful and magical with all those artsy decors. The restaurant area has Christmas theme goodies washed off with dreamy elements of the holiday season. 

The Gingerfield/Kiddie Park

The sprawling field has plenty of things to do. For children, there's an amusement park to enjoy the moment. A sliding gingerbread facility is located in front of the candy village. It's a great area to let kids be kids, and let them have a blast of fun, of course with adult supervision.

There's also a small house for children to roam and play. A mini museum, a lounge, and a photo booth with gingerbread cartoons and more sweets! It's so lovely and pleasing to the eyes. Felt like I sauntered back to my happy childhood years with all those fun kiddie elements.

Theme Park and Outdoor Adventure for Adults

The Gingerbread House offers outdoor wonders for adults. And if you enjoy taking a hike or seeking a different thrill of exploring a nature field, then this theme park is a great place to visit.

It has a sprawling mountain field to trek, from the winding path to the hiking trail, travelers will love its swirling track of paved grass, trees, and hillocks. 

There are plenty of shades to rest if your energy caught you up. You can rest in the specially-designed marquees, except in the Dream Set which is reserved for weddings and pre-nuptial shoots. The Marquee in each section of the field is surrounded by canopy of trees, hinged with verdant plants, so you can truly relax.

I love the Sunflower field and the nearby outdoor cafe with cute green table sets. It's a quiet oasis to recharge! Love to sit in the Sunflower marquee hugging the throw-away pillows while resting my head in the rattan sofa. And breathing the cool air while watching the swaying sunflowers in front haha!

Nothing is more relaxing than be surrounded with swaying sunflowers

With a gentle breeze rolling from the mountain, hearing the sounds of the soft winds rustling among the trees, and yes! Chirping birds, everything offers a de-stressing vibe. Lots of spots to snap photos and create memories. And don't worry, the Sunflower field has a comfort room in the area.

A peaceful oasis!

It's a great place to unwind and loosen up from a toxic routine. A great outdoor destination if you're thinking of drifting temporarily into the comforting bosom of nature. A peaceful oasis to recharge and de-stress.

Their sweets and comfort food - such as nachos and cookies, are tasty and mouth-watering. We have not tried the gingerbread selections in the restaurant but anyway they look yummy.

Great area to hangout with friends and talk about life 😂

We rested in the outdoor cafe with green canopies, just a few steps from the sunflower bed. They have tasty nachos worth Php200.00, good for three people. This is where we also claimed our free drinks.

It is located on the hillside so you can expect a relaxing vibe as fresh air rolls from the mountains, while sipping your drink or munching cookies. It's a great area also to hangout with friends while having conversation.

Nature walk/hiking trail

This is the Dream Set area

Live the Dream! 

It's the slogan of The Gingerbread House, because the moment you step into the candy village, it feels like you're sauntering into the world of fairytale with all those sweets elements. It's a perfect place for children and adults to enjoy the moment, have fun, and breathe the coolness of nature. 

The Lavender Walk

Mini hiking trail/Nature walk


Best Tips

This theme park is situated in a remote location along barangay Palumlum in Alfonso, Cavite. Travel is more convenient if you have a car or a service vehicle, but if you are a commuter, it's challenging, but it is manageable if you are an adventurous person, or if you like exploring new places.

If you are coming from Tagaytay proper, DON'T BE FOOLED with the offers of many tricycle drivers there. They will usually ask higher rates! Don't resort to this scheme. 

Just ride a jeepney going to Alfonso, or bus going to Nasugbu and get off along Splendido junction, just before reaching the Royal estates. From there, you can hire a tricycle to go to the area, fare is only Php150.00.

Going back to the Cavite highway is a bit tricky because there's no available tricycle outside The Gingerbread House. But someone in the area told us to go to the store next to the entrance area. We're lucky that the tricycle owner is on his way to pick up passengers so we were able to leave the place on time.

We asked the driver to bring us to Twin Lakes, which is just 20 minutes away from The Gingerbread House. He only asked for a Php150.00 fare for the three of us. 

How to Get There?

Here's how to get there from Tagaytay proper based on our experience:

  1. From Tagaytay, ride a jeepney going to Alfonso, tell the driver you are heading to The Gingerbread House, and they will drop you off along Luksuhin market. The fare is only Php18.00 per head.
  2. From the Luksuhin market, hire a tricycle to bring you to The Gingerbread House. The fare is Php150.00
  3. Travel time from Tagaytay to Luksuhin market is around 30 minutes. Travel time from Luksuhin market to The Gingerbread House is 15 minutes.
  4. If you have a private car: Waze: The Gingerbread House Ph


You may contact The Gingerbread House if you have specific inquiries or if you want to do bookings for special occasions:

  1. Mobile Number: 09176303124
  2. email:
  3. Facebook:
  4. Address: Brgy Palumlum Alfonso Cavite
Do's and Don'ts:
  1. Pets are allowed
  2. Foods are not allowed because they have a restaurant inside
  3. Walk-ins are welcome
How Much We Spent During The Visit:
  1. Jeepney ride from Tagaytay to Luksuhin market: Php18.00 each
  2. Tricycle ride from Luksuhin to The Gingerbread: Php150.00 (3 of us)
  3. Entrance fee (package set): Php349 each with free drinks
  4. Nachos (good for three): Php200.00
  5. Tricycle ride from The Gingerbread to Twin Lakes: Php150.00 (3 of us)
Watch the video of this destination in our Youtube Channel HERE. During our Tagaytay Trip, we stayed at Wind Residences, check the details, how to book, and how to get there: Wind Residences Condotel in Tagaytay

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