Holiday season 2023 ideas

So, it's the tail-end of November. And just like that! We gonna have to say goodbye to 2023 in a couple of weeks. Oh my goodness. Time flies so fast! 

It feels like yesterday was just April and then I woke up to realize it's the last week of November. And then the worst feeling suddenly streamed in because it felt as though I had not accomplished anything for this year (deep sigh!).

My only travel accomplishment this year was in April when I reunited with my family (after 10 long years!) for a short vacation in Davao City. It was a moment to remember since it was also our first family vacation outside Surigao del Sur.

Beach trip Omangon Island
Surigao vacation

We stayed overnight at Gethsemane Garden Resort, a cool place to spend time with family. A quiet place to reconnect with nature and oneself. We really had a great time. 

I had a chance also to visit Davao City, where I spent almost half of my life (studying college and working) before moving to Metro Manila in July 2013. I truly missed Davao City. It is a beautiful place to live, still laid-back, and the environment is so relaxing, but modernity is everywhere. It's a place where you can have a balanced lifestyle.

I'm beginning to feel emotional because it's the holiday season once again. And I am start reminiscing all the good times I had with my family back in Surigao, and all the memorable moments living in Davao. 

Gethsemane Garden Resort
Family vacation at Gethsemane Garden Resort in Davao

Classic Christmas songs always toss me back to those warm moments and happy holiday celebrations so I can't help but be emotional. But life is all about growth and moving on. So I am looking forward to a joyful holiday celebration in the city. Alone. 

Hope I can travel again. Planning to get around the city this December, and see the vibrant Christmas sparkling lights everywhere. Even if the world is in turmoil and convulsed in fear and conflict, each time I hear classic Christmas songs and see twinkling Christmas ornaments, I can feel peace and joy.

Hope the spirit of the holiday season - joy, peace, love, grace, and unity - spread throughout the world.