During our Vietnam budget trip. We just walked on foot while exploring Saigon

For budget travelers, creating a concise DIY (Do-it-yourself) travel itinerary plan is always an ideal thing to do because you are going out there without someone to assist you. But trust me, this is always fulfilling, it provides a different surge of excitement.
Creating a concise do-it-yourself budget travel itinerary is very simple, just write down the necessary items in your travel, destination, time of arrival and departure, means of transportation and attractions to visit and put an estimated amount for each.
Print your Itinerary
This is very important for DIY travelers. This serves as your guide while on the road. You will be exploring the place without contacts or tour guide, so you should have a hard copy of your itinerary.
In case you are lost or no idea where to go next and what to do, you can always refer to the list. Create a separate portion of the attractions you want to visit with a corresponding address so that you can show it to the locals.
Create a list what to bring
When creating a list what to bring, consider the season of your travel and the destination. Season is a big factor when preparing what type of clothes to wear and the accessories to bring.
Make sure you only bring enough outfit that can be worn during the trip to avoid stuffing your bag with unnecessary things. Personally, I always prepare outfit based on the number of days of my travel.
Pack Light and Smart
If you are traveling for less than 15 days, avoid overcrowding your bag with excessive accessories and unnecessary gadgets. In this sense, you don't need to have a check-in bag. Budget travelers and backpackers don’t actually have check-in bags. So pack light and carry up to two bags only.
Bring light clothes such as cotton-based T-shirts, sleeveless, leggings, shorts, scarf instead of sweatshirt.
Choose the right luggage
Not unless you are going out there for a business trip or taking a one month adventure, carrying an over-sized luggage is very impractical.
It will not only drain your energy walking or moving around with a heavy luggage but it also poses an added cost to your expenses as you might put this as a check-in bag. To be more practical, choose a light bag that can be hand carried in the plane.
Budget travelers usually carry backpacks, duffel bags or anything light. Backpacks and duffel bags are easier to carry than the rolling bags. Maximize the space inside your bag by putting things in the right place. Roll up pants, shirts, shorts cargo and square pants and place it at the bottom.
Fill small spaces with light things like undies, shawl, towelette and pack of candies. Put toiletries in the pocket of backpack and biscuits in another pocket. Secure your valuables like wallet, passport, cellphone, camera in the sling bag. 
Do not Cheat with your budget plan
To avoid cheating your budget plan, bring a copy of your budget list and check the amount allotted for each item and activity from time to time.
As a budget traveler in a DIY plan, you are exploring the place on your own. You will find fabulous things along the way, tempting souvenir items, nice clothes, attractive accessories and trendy restos.  The danger of overshooting your budget plan is probable. But don’t cheat.
Don’t get overwhelmed with your adventure. Despite being there to relax and experience the thrill of a liberating life, don't forget that you're traveling on a budget. Be conscious with your budget plan and always check the amount you have set for each activity.
If you get overboard with the admission and transportation fees due to unforeseen or sudden changes of rates or had overshoot your dining because you cannot resist that sumptuous local cuisine, make adjustment with your expenses on other items to stick with the budget.
You can cut back on your spending the next day, choose attractions that have cheaper admission fees. If you are visiting attractions on short distances, choose to walk around instead of riding. Exploring the new place by foot is one of the most exciting parts of traveling.
Or you may cut back on your shopping activities. Check high quality local items to be bought and refrain from buying souvenirs or accessories that can be found in your home country, these can be put off and can be bought in the future.
You can avoid cheating on your budget plan by putting a limit on each item. During your travel, always check your list and see if you are still within the parameter of your budget or already overspending, make necessary adjustment in  case of overspending.