Britania Group of Islands

It's the dry season in the Philippines! (technically, the country doesn't have a summer season, the climate in the Philippines is only categorized as a dry season and a wet season). During this period, the environment can be extremely hot so an island getaway is the best way to cool down.

The Philippines is blessed with breathtaking beaches and jaw-dropping islands so we are not short of destinations to hop in during the blistering heat of the dry season. 

One of the country's natural wonders to explore is in fact located in our home province, Surigao del Sur, the Britania Group of Islands! 

The Britania Group of Islands are rare clusters of pristine islands and islets located in Barangay Britania in the Municipality of San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. 

Britania Group of Islands
Family island getaway! 

Britania Group of Islands
Happy to spend time with Papas and Mamas in the island 😘

But before you will wonder if our province has been colonized by Great Britain, to be given this barangay such a name, actually no, Britania is a Latin name derived from the Greek word, “Prettanike,” which means, a collection of islands with individual names. Okay, there you go 😄

Family island trip! 

On April 8, 2023, our family whisked off to Britania for a fun island getaway. Although the place was a bit crowded during our visit, we had so much fun. We just brought food from home since it's only a day trip, and our hometown, Marihatag, is just roughly 30 minutes away from San Agustin. 

Britania Group of Islands
Happy to spend time with the family 🤗

San Agustin is our neighbor town, but it's crazy to think that it was only my first time to set foot in Britania 😂

This hidden paradise was not known to tourists until in recent years. Back then, we only knew it as a place blessed with abundant seafood, especially sea urchins. Today, Britania is known as one of the most beautiful island destinations in the Philippines.

Thanks to the islands' sun-kissed beaches, sugary ivory sand, and crystal-clear turquoise water, Britania Group of Islands can be compared to the exotic beaches in Siargao, Boracay, and Palawan. The only difference is that islands in Britania preserved its natural charms without any cottages and not swarmed by tourists. 

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands

It was a fine Saturday morning when we left Marihatag. Thirty minutes later we arrived in Barangay Salvacion (where Britania can be directly reached). 

After paying the environmental fee (upon entering Salvacion), we proceeded to McArthur's Place where we have to wait for the boat to take us to the islands.

Watch videos of our Britania Island Trip on our Youtube Channel HERE Gourmand Travel Adventure

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands

The breathtaking view of the ocean is always soothing. It heals tired mind and body. And the adventure is more fun when we're with our family 😉 

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands

Britania Group of Islands

Britania is home to beautiful islands and islets, the number varies on the tide (high tide hid other islets while low tide exposes more islets covered in limestones and lush tropical plants). The islands are nestled between the Lianga Bay and the mighty Pacific Ocean. 

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands

Most of the islets are limestone formations but some are teemed with rich vegetation and pristine beaches with sugary sand and irresistible turquoise water.

These islands don't have an entrance fee but no one is allowed to stay overnight. All visitors must go back to Britania before twilight. In fact, the island hopping is between 6:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon only.

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands
Boslon Island is part of the Britania Group of Islands 

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands

All islands are not run by electricity, no cottages, no comfort rooms, and no food stalls (except for a few sea food vendors). Just pure island hopping and water activities. Cottages and comfort rooms can only be found in the resorts along the shoreline of Britania. 

According to my cousin, Dr. Edmund Lamela, local tourism makes effort to preserve the natural charm of these islands so any elements and activities that can destruct the natural beauty of the environment are strictly prohibited. 

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands

Tourists and visitors are reminded to help preserve the natural resources and rich marine life on the islands. They are also requested to do their "nature's call" before leaving the Britania shore for their island hopping activities. 

As tourists began to flock to the islands in recent years, the local government organized a rescue team and medical team to ensure all tourists and visitors are safe while enjoying their island hopping. 

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands

Britania has more than 20 islands and islets but only four are identified as tourist destinations: Boslon Island (including three limestone islets), Hagonoy Island, Naked Island, and Hiyor-hiyoran Island. 

Boslon Island is where tourists and visitors usually have picnics (bringing their own food). It is the first destination of island hopping, and the largest among the island hopping destinations. 

It has a long stretch of ivory and powdery sand, clear waters, and a giant rock formation that protects visitors from the sweltering heat of the sun.

Boslon Island in Britania Group of Islands
Boslon Island connects three islets

There are three islets around Boslon Island that can be explored on foot during low tide. These islets are composed of rock formation, limestone, and lush greenery, with abundant seafood especially sea urchins. 

One of these islets has a secret cave but tourists are warned to take precautions due to the danger of wild insects or snakes creeping in the area. 

Britania Group of Islands
With cousins and siblings walking to the nearby islets in Boslon island 

Britania Group of Islands
With cousins and siblings walking to the nearby islets in Boslon island 

During our island trip, I was able to visit one of the islets with my cousins and siblings. It was a long walk with sun rays piercing on our skin. But it was so much fun! That feeling when you are walking on the beach and breathing the fresh breeze rolling from the ocean. It's so therapeutic. It heals tired mind and body.

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands
With cousins and siblings at one of the islets 

From Boslon Island, we leisurely walked on foot to the first islet before resting at the giant rock formation. We didn't explore the two islets. Walking in the sea rocks under the heat of the sun and with plenty of sea urchins can be punishing. 

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands
With cousins and siblings walking to the nearby islets in Boslon island 

For island hoppers who may want to visit these three islets near Boslon Island, you have to check the water current and make sure to walk back to Boslon Island before high tide catches you. You might trap in these islets. 

Boslon island Britania Group of Islands
powdery sand of Boslon island 

During our visit, we just stayed in Boslon and did not explore the other three islands (Hagonoy, Naked Island, and Hiyor-hiyoran). It was terribly hot so we lose interest visiting other islands. And our parents might not endure the swaying waves. We went back to the Britania shore at 4:00 in the afternoon. 

Hagonoy is the farthest among the four islands. It looks lovely from afar, teemed with coconut trees. Other tourists chose to have a picnic in Hagonoy island. 

While Naked island is practically a bare island without any trees, hence the name. But for adventurous travelers, Hagonoy and Naked Islands are two destinations that you should never be missed! 

Britania Group of Islands
with cousins and siblings in Boslon island 

How to get there?

If you are backpackers or DIY (do-it-yourself) travelers coming from Luzon or Visayas, catch a flight going to Butuan City. From Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila to Butuan Airport, travel time only takes one hour and 10 minutes.

Proceed to the bus terminal (travel time is roughly 10 minutes) by taxi (avoid the motorcycle rides as it can be very expensive) and look for a public utility vehicle bound for Tandag, disembark at Barangay Salvacion. Travel time is around five hours for the non-aircon bus.

Once you are in Barangay Salvacion, you can hire a single motor to go to the coastal area of Britania or direct to the resort where you booked your stay.

If you are coming from Davao, go to Ecoland Terminal (but please be reminded that bus schedules from Davao to Tandag, are very rare, you may opt for a cutting trip via Butuan and disembark in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur) catch a bus ride (or van) going to Tandag, disembark at Barangay Salvacion, and hire a single motor to go to the resort.

Boslon island Britania Group of islands
One of the islets that can be reached from Boslon Island at low tide

For island tour packages:

Most resorts operate their own boats (for island hopping) that can accommodate large groups.  These resorts offer food packages also to their guests which can be brought to the island, either to Boslon or Hagonoy for a breezy picnic atmosphere.

Usually, visitors coming from nearby towns, like us (our hometown, Marihatag, is just 30 minutes away from San Agustin), just bring their own food for a budget-friendly island experience.

Boat rent for island hopping is usually Php1,500.00 good for 15 persons. In excess of 15 persons, per head is charged Php100.00. There are boats that can accommodate 25 people.

For solo travelers, you can be a joiner to any of these boats, just make an arrangement with the resort owner. Please be reminded that local tourism collects Php25.00 environment fee per adult visitor upon entering Britania. 

WATCH FULL VIDEOS of our Island Adventure on our Youtube Channel lick HERE GOURMAND TRAVEL GUIDE

Where to stay in Britania

Britania has plenty of resorts to choose from for your comfortable stay and based on your budget, from affordable rooms to exclusive accommodations:

  • McArthur's Place - Ideal for budget travelers, Mac Arthurs Place offers affordable rates, from food to rooms. Contact Number: 09070330696 or 09454453052
  • La Entrada Beach Resort and Restaurant - 0930 227 5934. This resort has an instagrammable view. 
  • Villa Rosalina - room ranges from Php1,700 (good for two persons) to Php6,000 (good for 20 persons). You may contact them on their Facebook page.
  • Joan's Beach Resort - Contact Number: 0909 580 4102
  • Oasis Rest house - Contact number: 09392030940
  • Alima ARQ Beach Resort - Contact Number: 0936 855 9192
  • O’s Landing Beach Resort - Contact Number: 0946 640 6858
  • Bedonne Beachfront Resort - Contact Number: 0966 701 8713

For details on the above resorts, visit WayPh

Room rates in McArthur's Place, (from their Facebook page) in Philippine peso. 

  • Standard room- 1,500 for 4 pax, restrooms, with towels, and free breakfast
  • De luxe room- 2,100 for 5 pax
  • Family room- 3,100 for 10 pax, 
  • Dormitory room(back) - 3500 good for 14 pax
  • Dormitory room (shoreline) - 4,200.00 for 14 pax 
  • Shoreline cottages A: 2,500.00 for 8 persons 
  • Shoreline cottages B: 2,500.00 for 10 persons
  • Island Hopping: 15persons below P1,800.00. Excess of 15 you may add P120.00 per passenger. 

Please call or text 09454453052/09070330696 for details, reservation, and availability of rooms.