Gethsemane Garden Resort

Gethsemane Garden Resort is a cool place to beat the summer heat (Technically the Philippines does not have a summer season, only a dry season). 

Its idyllic location in the hinterlands, straddling the mountains of Bukidnon and Barangay Salumay in the Marilog district, Davao City gives the place the coldest climate.

Gethsemane Garden Resort is an idyllic place to relax and de-stress for so many reasons: It has no phone signal, and no internet connection, so you can momentarily disconnect from the world and focus on your vacation. The place is hugged by verdant trees, mountains, and thick vegetation. 

Gethsemane Garden Resort

Gethsemane Garden Resort

You can do shinrin yoku or forest bathing, just work your steps into the woods and hillocks. You can trek the hillside and do meditation on numerous gazebo structures perched above the hills. 

It's just so perfect to reconnect with yourself or with nature. You have plenty of spots to choose from for your me time. Everywhere is an endless sight of beautiful blooms, mountains, hills, lush plants, and running water.

Gethsemane Garden Resort

Gethsemane Garden Resort is an off-the-grid destination, a perfect oasis to experience the silence and stillness of the environment. It has no internet connection or mobile signal so you can focus on things that matter in the moment.

It's also an ideal place for family bonding, team building, and friends outing. The place has spacious ground and plenty of spots to organize activities. If you want to experience life in tranquility, Gethsemane Garden Resort is a great destination for you.

Gethsemane Garden Resort
Log house 

Gethsemane Garden Resort
Dining area in Log House 

We had a family getaway two days ago and it was a cool and relaxing experience. We stayed in the log house, which can accommodate up to 14 persons, the structure has a homey feel complete with a cozy veranda, a dining area, and a kitchen area. It really feels like home.

Gethsemane Garden Resort
Papa and Mama at Log House 

Gethsemane Garden Resort
Log House

Gethsemane Garden Resort has only three types of accommodation for guests who want to stay overnight:

1. Log House (near the entrance area) - It has an attic room that can accommodate up to eight adults while the room downstairs has three single beds. This place has a kitchen and a homey dining area. This is where we stayed during our visit. Php8,000.00 per night. Guests: 10-12 persons.
  • Has a large rice cooker
  • Water dispenser (hot and cold)
  • Two-burner gas stove
  • Refrigerator 
  • Food utensils
  • You have to pay with an additional Php300.00 for the use of gas stove and refrigerator 
Gethsemane Garden Resort

Gethsemane Garden Resort

2. Guest House - Located on a hilltop. Can accommodate up to 15 persons. Php10,000.00 per night. Have not seen the interior of this accommodation but it seems equipped with the same amenities as the log house.

3. Bamboo House - Located in front of the Log House, facing the swimming pool facility. Can accommodate up to four persons. Php2,500.00 per night. It has a kitchen area where guests can cook their own food.

4. Bahay Kubo - Located near the first swimming pool facility. Can accommodate up to three persons. Php2,000.00 per night.

For Day Tour:
  1. Entrance fee: Php150.00 - inclusive of swimming pool
  2. Bamboo Hut - Php300.00 for a whole day stay
  3. Free use of the grilling area. 
Gethsemane Garden Resort

Gethsemane Garden Resort

Reminder: You need to bring your own food. Gethsemane Garden Resort has no restaurant. There's a mini-store within the resort for your basic needs. Pesonet is also available but based on our experience signal is weak. 

Other useful reminders:
  1. The resort has two swimming pool facilities. The water is sourced from the cave in the mountains (according to the caretaker I interviewed) that's why it's super cold but fresh and all-natural.
  2. It has plenty of gazebo to relax and meditate.
  3. Night swimming is allowed but at your own risk. The resort has no lifeguard.
  4. It has an area for a bonfire
  5. No corkage fee on food
  6. No restaurant inside the resort so guests are advised to bring their own food.
  7. For those who are staying overnight, all accommodations are equipped with a kitchen and a dining area complete with a cooking set.
  8. No need to bring plates, utensils, or a rice cooker. 
  9. You need to bring your own towel
  10. The place has a cold temperature so bring a jacket and clothes that can protect you from the cold weather, especially at night time. 
  11. There's an additional Php300.00 for the use of gas stove and refrigerator. 

Our family getaway

How To Get There? 

Gethsemane Garden Resort is located along Datu Salumay, Marilog District, Davao City. You can reach the place as follows:

1. If through a private car coming from Davao City. Follow the Davao-Bukidnon road (You may use waze). When you reach Buda and saw the Eagle Statue along barangay Baganihan in Buda (Welcome to Davao signage), drive ahead, and upon reaching zipper road, turn right and head to barangay Salumay. Gethsemane Garden Resort is just 15 minutes from Buda Road. There's a toll fee of Php25.00.

2. If through a private car coming from Cagayan de Oro or Bukidnon. Follow the Davao-Bukidnon road. Before you reach the Eagle Statue, you will see zipper road. Turn left to barangay Salumay. Gethsemane Garden Resort is just 15 minutes from Buda Road.

Eagle Statue in Buda Davao
Eagle statue in Buda. This is the landmark you have to remember when following the road to Datu Salumay 

3. If commute coming from Davao City. Ride the Cagayan via Buda or Bukidnon bus (estimated fare: Php80.00). Disembark at the Eagle Statue along barangay Baganihan. Hire a motorcycle ride (estimated fare: Php120.00) or habal-habal to Gethsemane Garden Resort.

Gethsemane Garden Resort
Room downstairs of the Log House

Gethsemane Garden Resort

Fog descends in the morning, so expect a cold temperature during the day. You can also watch the beautiful sunrise in a gazebo located on the hilltop. 

You will see the breathtaking Bukidnon Vista as the sun rises. Trek the gazebo on the mountaintop to see this natural phenomenon. 

It's also refreshing to see the thick fog rolling from the hilltop, blanketing the houses and the gazebos.  

Gethsemane Garden Resort is an instagrammable place with charming landscape, flowering bushes in striking colors, lovely flowers in full blooms, and beautiful gazebos to relax and see the breathtaking vistas. 

Second swimming pool facility 

First swimming pool facility near the entrance area

For more details and how to book, contact 09178119641. Email:

Watch our vlogs about this resort in our YouTube Channel. Direct link: Gourmand Travel Guide